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We're gonna fight it till the end and we won't be beat down again 
Your culture's fed into our veins, your preaching tyranny and hate 
To follow in
Are you ready? 
Are you ready now? 

In the world of machines 
- virtual machines - 
Dominated by software 
Everything is cold 
Cold as ice.
a roots-rock-culture-reality

Ready back
Tell dem dat culture come back and me seh ready back
Tell dem dat culture come back if it bend up
Man it gone right pon top and me seh
The cops passed by, but he stayed calm
Cause the leather trench coat was keepin him warm
But this time they walked by real slowly
He thought to himself,
Still blazin', still blazin', still blazin'
'Cause ganja power its so amazin'
Give me the strength and protection, keep praisin'
Each and everyday
Gently joined us and sang of Jah
Roots and culture seeped from his bones
He took out a spliff and said "pass 'dis around"

So I took
A subtly created prison with no...walls. 
Ravenous synergy of time held circles 
Of imperical dimensions 

Blind, torn, ruptured and broken 
Enslaved by
Our landscape raped by different armies
Soldiers, slaves who have no faces
Control our ways and lives completely
Our minds are torn, time left its
brother Malcolm X
Who turn the hands of time when giving  knowledge of himself
[Culture Freedom & Wise]
It's sort ta simple see
The Father Shah upon
I can see the times I lied to me. 
I'll go by myself to Sicily.
Darkness comes to settle the debt
Owed by a year of S.U.S. and suspect
Indiscriminate use of the power of arrest

They're waiting for the sun to set
Louie Culture:
Why can?t we live as one? (Terror Fabulous:Oh yes Oh yes uno fi all understand)

I guess I have wasted my time (Terror
There's no path to follow
There's no path to follow

There's a line in the sand
Put there by a man
By a man whose children
Will built castles
And with the tide we'll sail a yet
By light propelled, karma our guide
The shores spatial pass we beside

Past rotting hulks of culture drifting
Lost souls
This is no time for fear
This is a time for faith and determination
Don't lose the vision here
Carried away by the motion
Hold on to all that you
to the ground
Crushed by their own greed
An unquenching need to destroy
Empires will fall by my design
Lust of power speeds
Time people need to destroy
smashed our heads
'gainst that wall,
And now I seh we must create a scene,
We must recapture our culture
By any means.

Babylon makes the rules
the ashes
The ashes of unholy domains
Sin and lust were conquered
Symbolized by the tower that fell
Culture of depravation
Sodomy and sexual obsession
a hand

For it seems all cultures dream
They have a giant who is sleeping
Or a king who will return in times of need
To fight for setting his people
ya not see it
Hip-Hop culture who gonna lead it, ya not see it
K, are, S One, ya not see it
Peace love unity and havin' the fun, ya not see it
And gained the whole wide world,
And almost lost our souls.
Some say we should have lead the way;
Take it over from Bob Marley.
Got brainwashed by
to those who lived by the rules
Death of all cultures is near

Worms and rats attack your brain
You stare at the sun as you pray
Pray for help but it's
We've made you a cartoon 

By the time we're through remolding you
You won't even recognize your face
There's no end to the eager beavers
As The World Burns

The war is here
The future stops
Existence ends
Apocalypse will take our lives
One by one
As cities fall
As cultures die
traffic autobiographic
Ethnic cleansing benzing lacing
Culture oscars inch by inch Deans and Costners
Who foster my rhythmic memories
Collectible sacks