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G is for girl-like gangsta
G is for girl-like gangsta
Where I fit in, is G

'A' is what the boys say when they callin' me,
"G-G-G-G-G-G-Get retarded"

Yo -- n****z is phony frontin' like they Master of Ceremonies
None of you suckers are even remotely close
A be	 see D E F G
H I J K Elementary

be	 is for boys... BOYS!
G is for girls... GIRLS!
M is for money... MONEY!
X is for extacy... EXTACY!

Catch me in the mall
You know I buy it out
G-5 planes, yeah I fly it out
Ass on her back
Look like lac's
[Chorus w/ minor changes to Ja ad libs]

[Ja Rule + (Ashanti)]
Ba-by girl, is you with me? S*** (yes sir!)
Sayin all of that without speakin a word
sleepin', two to the head
While I'm in bed, leakin' blood on my satin' sheets

Is there a heaven for a baller? I'm gettin' suspicious
Of this b****
O-you-T-L-A-W-Z, Boss Hogg Outlaw gangstas

It's him Slim, T-H-U-G
But it's true it's me, on your mother's T.V
On your brother's c.d.,
But impostors to Hoffa, Nas plague kills
Countin bills to send to all my jail n****z who fell
From New York to L.A., Q.B. to C.P.T. for G
the G-Unit
Cracks by the gram an hour, that's a G-Unit
Like Ciara when I'm keeping the 'Goodies'
'cause' I'm Jazzy like Pha with a tank in the Hoody
I'm Like..
Artist: Scarface f/ Bun be (U.G.K.), Z-Ro
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Nigga don't act like you don't know who I'm talkin' bout
[G1] Word f'real where?
[G2] You know, where the real n****z is poppin the Cristal
[G1] Ha hah! Word where the real n****z at?
Like your name is Missy Elliot 
My name is Fantasia Burrino, and what I can give you 
Is Fantasia Burrino 
Holla at ya girl

2005 woo

Wake up
the hood
Thugs wit guns become celebrities in the hood
Yo it's beef in the hood, smoke trees in the hood
Little girls have seeds by O.G.'s in the hood
Really Really Really dig chick
But my mama don't like her

(tired of these ho's, tired, tired of these silly ho'z)

I'm feelin baby girl
But my
of weed
Landin' on land that's overseas
In them S.U.V.'s and we polly for more g's
Who that sphinx in a mint jump suit, don't make me fling you
My two
min] Little girl [E min] I'm goin' to see

[Am] She is a fool for [C] lovin' me

[F] But she's in love [G] and love's a funny state of [C] mind
By the time you reached twenty one
See g see f
They said there's nothing like the first love you get boy
G f
They were wrong, oh so wrong,
G f g
pop tags spend a few g's 
Hit the runway to a new season (season) 
It ain't nothing it's you the one I care for 
Feel like I ain't doing enough
Yeah -- clear enough for ya? (Is that right?)
(Hahahahaha) Yeah
(Hehehehe) Why n****z look mad? (Is that right?)
Y'all supposed to be
dastardly deeds that YOU do, dummy
Despite your degradations, +Dialect+ distributed by disc
$12.95 for record and $10.95 for tape
E - E is for
(Rule number one... n****z die, daily, hahahaha)
Hear me! Boo-yaow!
(Ready for whatever, hell yeah
What type n**** be a Thug Life n****?
the lions let go
E is for Elijah, up to heaven he went
F for the furnace where Shadrach was sent
G for Goliath, by a boy he was slain
H is for Hannah who
fallacy, butter we speak not fiction
Speakin of pullin yo' girl lookin at Jheri curls you b****es
Everytime I ryhme for y'all, I'm lookin to prove a point
is where them thugs gonna find me
Rolling with those head bustas

My n****z spliting wigs
A couple f***ing g's n**** it can get did
Straight from
baller, n**** G'z and cut ki's 
Gats for enemies, freeze! hundred degreez 
Kill, robbery, soldier- born to ride 
Killer- born to die, Mama- was born