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You can hear her shriek from the gashes in her cheeks
No, I'm not a freak, I am meekly a creep that
Neighbors by the creek say that my house stinks
me, aiming at your head for a stack
Don't judge me, don't judge me
Now my home got a Valley peak
Don't judge me, if I press your line, you a freak
will it do?

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman

So swiftly the sun sets in the sky,
will it do?

Jokerman dance to the nightingale tune,
Bird fly high by the light of the moon,
Oh, oh, oh, Jokerman.

So swiftly the sun sets in
a freak 
Bitches say we hiside cause we pass and don't speak 

Don't speak, don't speak 
Bitches say we hiside cause we pass by and don't speak 
I know
to make a fist.
Everybody die, gon' bury me alive.
Grab life by the horns, put the bullshit aside.
Glock clip full like the moon in the sky.
I'm at the gas
In spurts after dark"

Under full moons waxing lyrically
Death's poetry floods the soul
Like the freezing seed of a demon freed
To curse
a diamond on your hand

[Money B]
The Itsy-Bitsy Spider was a whoridah
Said he met the judge's daughter and went up inside her

House, there's
I know God is watching from above
Sometimes I wonder what I'd do without his love
And although life is full of adversities
I know he's with me, he's
Reasons to be cheerful, one, two, three

Mark and Devo in the corner, heading on in by the speaker
Dressed cool, never known to freak
It's a full moon and the riddle's are calling
Three more cards and the sky's will be falling
But don't take it from me, I'm just a clown
Ultra-magneto; burnin' pee burns my credo.
Mad men cry like when you realize you got a shirt full of infrared
Dots, plus I'm scopin' at this
And everybody's comin' down
To Party Town.
Oh oh, Party Town
Oh oh, Party Town

By a full moon glow,
There's a place that we go
Out the back and down in
the wall you better stand tight
Full of X, AK's, whilin' in lobbys, bulletproof PJ's
Fuck around and get spunned like the DJ
Csi traumatized by viewing
move from the war wounds wild dogs get to barkin at the full moon trust me I'm a such a liar spittin for my desire rap and bang the same just like
of needles thrust into our eyes
So scholars might say we were blinded by pride
Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind)
Whom in Isaiah
know you motherfuckers bound to underrate me.

[Jamie Maddrox]
Lookin through the window as the moon strikes the ground.
Wind blowin into the trees makin
the Dr. of Doom 

My lyrics bloom on bafoons and take flight like witches brooms 

That full moon on all you dumb-dumbs 

Watch your filthy rise away
meets oj with two hands
And two gloves, that's too snug
To judge who was, who drew blood

And, lupe look at all these toucans
In a cemetery full
a full moon,
Buy what we want, spend what they want,
Young, rich, hot nigga, everything she wants!
Triple beams scales got me under deep spells,
Kiss my
never be my brother
The simple fact the motherfucker had the wrong skin color
Yo, I told the judge, don't even try it
He gave me a year for startin'
The ghost of Mandela, hope my flows they propel it
Let these words be your earth and moon you consume every message
As I lead this army make room
of the carousel
A black parade of circus freaks, and led by Mister Dark,
Scours every street for the boys to drag them down to hell

The boys have seen too much
Then I Saw A Lamb Looking As If It Had Been Slain
Standing In The Centre Of The Throne
Encircled By The Four Living Creatures
And The Elders
He Had
at the Shoneys
The only one who showed me the real from the phoneys
Stayed hangin out with her best friend Tony
Eyes stayed red with a head full of pony