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Eliminate, the life decline
I've paid the masters with blood and hunger 
And it's not for sale by any stretch. 
It's like religion without a Bible
leaving next time I'm in cleveland 
found my lucky coin in des moines 
and spit on a boy named tina in pasadena 
we get swing from new orleans 
ft worth
We got the swing from New Orleans, Ft Worth and Dallas
We toast when we're tippin' up the Challis Tulsa, St. Louis, Sacto
Mesa Norfolk, Lawrence,
the darkness
All crazy out of control
Hey throwed around that panhandle town
Till ft couldn't throw ft around no more
Yeah some blamed secret government
Når togji kryssa va 're morot sjå,
for engorn skull reise, og are skull tå.
Der rek det ferdafolk ifrå land og by.
Dit kom dæ folk frå Nesby'n,
find it easy to express myself
I hit the drums so hard I break all my heads
And then I end the day in one of my beds

I'm nearly 5 ft. 7 tall
I like
Midnight in the Holy City
Playground for restless souls
Graveyards for the sons of Ft. Sumpter
And the ghostly daughters
Wait for their boys
like a pimp

Baby Hugh Hef, that's my name
KoRn brings the porn and a little of the fame
Baby Hugh Hef, that's my name
Fieldy's got game so you
To get it, it needs puppets
So what's ten million dead if it's keeping out the Russians?

We're well-trained by the CIA with Yankee tax money in
remember where he parked his car 
Or to whom he lost the keys 
Full of angst and hillbilly haiku 
What's a poor Ft. Worth boy to do 
Go on rhyme
l want a candle on my cake
t want the sun to come out today
l want you by my side
l want a place where l belong - l want a face that makes me
Saw your picture on the highschool wall,
Even way back then you were beautiful
Ya you were sporting braces and braids
Now you stand just under 6ft
makes you sick
They gave you talking points
They taught you double-speak
They forced you into war
By saying you were weak

They signed your checks
She came in on the red eye to Dallas-Ft. Worth
All the way from sunny Taipei
Skin the color of a walnut shell
And a baseball cap holding down her
in the east and set in west 
I figured I owned just dark skies and that darkness ft me best. 
Here I is, all thin and balled-up, 
Wrapped up in
on his mouse
His phone's been busy now for over a week
So I dropped by to see what in Sam Hell is going on

And here's what he said to me:
Come on in
pumped the pimp
That fed the fiends
He got jumped by the brothers in Ft. Green
They slapped the mack
That kept us back
Sucker suckin' the hood like
(Ft Inaya Day)

I know you wanna change me
I know you'd like to make me beg you please
Criticize and break me
Make me walk around on hands and knees
(Ft Inaya Day)

I know you wanna change me
I know you'd like to make me beg you please
Criticize and break me
Make me walk around on hands and knees
We don't make no damn Mickey Mouse music! 

F.T.S. with The Coup, whatchu want to do? 
F.T.S., Coup 

Undas, Cops, Pigs and Shit 
They be
Cant understand some of these 
Rhymin' in circles
Now patriotic emcees
On bent knees 
By six degrees
Lord have mercy
Even the voice of god
left hand can play the choir
With 16ft Diapason
And Lowrey's patented Orchestral Symphonizer

Banjo's great on repeat
The kids want to play but
getting old
So I'll sow my korn by the Helmet in the Bush
And in the meantime I want you all to help me push
With the Tool of intolerance I'm ready
his image: his rock and his glock
And if he lives to see 20, he will beat the clock
He's got his ride and he's fried and girls by his side
He makes
ADAM: I am a simple goat.
I live on the back of a pick-up truck.
The Old Man tied me here with a 3 ft. rope.
Am I happy?
He don't give a fuck.