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To be a spot against the sky's colossal gloom
And land deflated in some neighbor's state that's strewn
With ninety-nine others

Eight Chinese brothers
won't disturb her while dreaming I'll only try

Hour by hour and minute by minute alone
The Queen of our dreams is feted and waited upon
species threatened by these 5 o'clock follies
Ecosystems endangered by these 5 o'clock follies
Apartheid policies discussed in 5 o'clock follies
Hey yo, the streets love me, man 
And I love the streets 
So I know ya ain't think I was comin' with some fruitcake shit 
Ya know me better than
Hey Steve!
Hey Ed, that sounds nice, what is it?
Thank you, it's an alphabet song I'm working on
Oh great, a whole new alphabet,
I just learned
I like it when the girls stop by.................In the summer 
New Kids on the Block had a Bunch of Hits 
Chinese Food Makes Me Sick
I like it when the girls stop by.................In the summer 
New Kids on the Block had a Bunch of Hits 
Chinese Food Makes Me Sick
Words by Adrian Mitchell, music by Arlo Guthrie

Victor Jara of Chile
Lived like a shooting star
He fought for the people of Chile
With his songs
brother, yo, he's at the drug spots
Livin' off that cheap Chinese food
He says he only bumps the people when he's in the mood
Runnin' 'round with his crews
women Liberationists and 
Jackie Onassis blowing her nose
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb, Francis Scott Key
nor sung by Glen Campbell,
liberationists and 
Jackie Onassis blowing her nose.
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb, Francis Scott key, 
Nor sung by glen Campbell, tom Jones,
and a place where them things belong
The stage and a soapbox, this is only a song
To dwell on the matter much longer would be wrong
And people get by, she'll
over the world 
Tri-state, every five borough 
Word up, these brothers been doin this for a minute 
man, gettin busy man, just.. cuttin 'em up man
'cause these brothers don't slack
They always comin' with the up-to-par
You can call X-Ecutioners the best by far

Know what I'm sayin'? Yeah
Know what I'm
Watching the world passing through...

Oh Ram bam bi doo ah Ram bam bi doo ay 
Roll one for me brother, eighteen inches long
And we can lay down here by
where they belong
Don't let 'em go where the lights are bright
And the gypsy sings his song

Don't let your restless boys
Be tempted by the sound
Willie was my cab 
I was hated in the hood Yo by all the mothers 

I used to, deliver food Yo my six brothers 
Robbing Chinese food man, me and my crew
and Mr. Magic had static
Over Kiss FM and BLS which one is the baddest
Brothers on the block was doin' the Wop
While the cars drove by bumpin' real hip
Radio plays a song all night
Miami's just a five hour flight
Didn't you say you don't like what you're doing?
You know, last night I was on TV
though I welched on a $5 bet 
Drunk on Calliope songs 
We met a home-wrecking carnival girl 
He's never asked for a favor or the money yet 

There's a house I loved
On the canyon wall
Where Bogart kissed BaCall
Bought by dead man's curve
I had much to learn
As the fire began to burn
The phone rings
Another peaceful moment is lost
Latifah's chest jingle in "Set It Off"
I press pause in the bed as a king
I let it ring 4 or 5 times
Remember when them cats hit you with them Chinese jokes
You came back hard and held it down for Chinese folks (word)
But what else was I suppose to do
faces, all those tears of joy
All those warm embraces of men and women, girls and boys
Sisters and brothers dancing, all singing freedom's song
God, if
Pretty Jamaican kept doing his thing
Him and his older brother got caught up in a sting
Out on bail, pressure by the feds, he caught seven in the head