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Only trill niggas I know

Dro with me, drank with me, lean like I'm Clark
Copping a Wraith then I throw it in park
You niggas from Mars, you
the finest of scenes
That perfect world across the river in queens
Fifty years after the fair
I drink from a different cup
But it does no good to compare
you're hangin' from a ledge
Too scared to hold the hand that wants to help you up
Are you the man you thought you'd be by the time that you turned thrity
Aint’ got no chopper new hatin ? I’m bout my chick
Many ? bold the criss but he can’t straight from the ?
Met so much from yesterday I want me ?
I'mma make this brief, like about 30 seconds
My DJ, gets all of his respect in super crazy blending, 
So he can sound groovy
And it can only be
New York or just a janitor
From Canada? Oh Can-I-bitch

Now at first I ain't really understand the shit
Picture me for a second and imagine it
album came and it was not good
I think it went lead or double copper wood
So the silly little fans they were mislead
By a nerdy internet computer
I saw you, yesterday
Walking down my line
I says, I know you, just get away
Your name is Father Time

Time I hate, the time I love
Time I spent
to some days
And some days are better than some days
Can't see the sky, sky scrapers too high
30 second day dream at another red light
I'm back in my
get down, get down, yee-haw

My pop he 'a say to me, he said you got ta 65 until you're old and free
I said a 2 by 2 'a he's a 49
You say ya never get
Yo Nas, we got a big bet in the streets
That you knock they ass out in the first 30 seconds of the first round
Get 'em!

Sitting up drunk,
Seconds from pajamas I must
First open all the doors and the windows
And invite the vampire in to be one of us.

Then, in the guise of cool air,
to surface, looking up, asking why
Then you realize he probably wants the best, as same as I
Days just go by quickly, nights just never end
As time gets so
one ride in Vegas

Lonely nights in rundown motel rooms
Aches and pains from yesterday's ride
It's takin' more than he thought he could give it
Lead you where you want to go?
You say you want a revelation
Well, tell me something I don't know

Zero hour times are changing
Count the seconds one by
Give it to em shawty

I'm eons and eons beyond these peon's
Another human like me there will never be one
The planet that I'm from, I can't
a elephant
I move cars like spinnin rims
I'm in a class all by myself like the brown Eminem
Not to down Eminem, I fuck black bitches
Fuck white bitches, nigga
and the hue of a woman on fire
Shop shutters rattle down and I'm cutting the crowd
All scented and descending from the satellite towns
The neon is graffiti
I woke up today.
That was my first mistake.
Would a been better off
In the middle of a dream
I was having bout a brighter day.
Yesterday, I gave
opinionated bullhorns, that's it
Hey! It's Love O'Clock
Cancel 11:30, that's a no show pop
Through it all without saying, "LMNO's right here"
God is a pilot, I
I saw you from afar
Standin by the car
I watched you
I realized we were kinda alike
The way you dress the way you chill

Oh yeah
And I felt a little
She could be my wife
That good?
The best 30 seconds of my life
My life!

I'm so humbled by a girls ability to let me do her
'Cause honestly I
me to do it
Doesn't really make sense
But man, screw it
I ain't one to argue with a good thing
She could be my wife
That good?
The best 30 seconds
I live at the end of a 5 and 1/2 minute hallway
But as far as I can see you are still miles from me
In your doorway
And oh by the way
cool, you cool my body down.
As the clay has crusted on my wings I feel I've been buried yesterday
but I'll heal by the gorgeousness of my eye,
I will