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every afternoon
Sit down by his side and say "Hi"
And then I ask him his opinion of the world situation
And I wait for Mr. Frump's reply, and Mr. Frump
the ghost
And wherever you will run to
And wherever you may hide
They will be always stay, my friend
From the evil by it self

Mr sinister, Mr sinister,
8Ball: Now, I was broke as a muthafucka, my life at the end see
My so called friends, they had no ends to lend me.
My job at Mickie Ds was fuckin me
Get it.. right, nigga
They all know Lil' Weezy ride at.. night, nigga
I dip low, and I'm strapped up.. tight, nigga
Duct tape your momma,
Hey you Mr. Green Man
Won't you be my friend
Hey you Mr. Green Man
Keep fuckin with my head

Other friends have flown before
Mourning worn by
To keep me company is you

Mr. Pain, oh, it's you again
Never really wanted us to be such friends
You always seem to show up
When I'm all
Whoa! (It's Queen Bee nigga)
It's the jump off (Come on)

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim (Mr. Cheeks)]
I been gone for a minute now I'm back at the jump off (Jump
got a whole lot more weight to gain
And call me by my new name
(What is that?) featuring Lil Wayne


(My nigga, featuring Lil Wayne,
My little box it just went
They were off my man
How I wish you were obsolete
Instead of lying by my feet
Didn't I meet you last week?
Oh no, not
of Lil' Robs
Is ther anythin' that you would like to say 
To them Player Haters and if so what would it be

[Verse Two: Mr. Shadow]
Man I gotta give it
let it goooo

Yo, they call me Mr. Intellectual, I keep a bunch of vegetables
Carrots and the broccoli, how the hell can you stop me?
Naughty by
[Featuring Mac] 

[Master P] 

Dear Mr. President i live in the hood 

Where people live bad 

But say its all good 

And my homies
Oh, Mr. Galo, what a good friend
He's always been a name (?)
Oh, Mr. Galo, what a good friend
Close by behind (?)
Oh, Chan, what a woman you've
Whoever say I'm illegit, don't say that when they hear my blessing
Christians say I'm nemesis, go look at Genesis
But who cares, I'm friend with benefits
together for Mr. Rock n Roll

Save me
Love me till the day I die take me to the mountain high
Guide me through the great divide and lay me by
hands together for Mr. Rock n Roll

Save me
Love me till the day I die take me to the mountain high
Guide me through the great divide and lay me
tu area
Causando desmadre, Ponte Trucha

[Verse One: Mr. Shadow and Lil' Rob]
As I enter I'm gonna representer Mayhem Click
So Let The Mayhem Begin
And somebody else's songs when yours are through

I got good Kentucky whiskey on the counter
And my friends around to help me ease the pain
'Til some
Mr. Hole Fixin' Man, 
You fixed my friend can you fix me?
Hey Mr. Hole Fixin' Man, 
I'm as broken as a boy can be,
So how 'bout fixin' me.

so says Mr. Spivey
Cosmic operator standing by

Won't you be my friend, Psychotic Companion
Keep me on the line, spending every dime

Try not
[Mr. Shadow]
Quivole Mr. Shadow Lil Rob VMF
On the board for the 98 and it won't stop
Check It

[Mr. Shadow]
It is I the unfadable lyricist
ain't gotta go in
Shawty just come bring a friend
I got a pole in my basement
Lil mama I got ones on deck
Shawty got money to spend
Come over, over
Everybody forgotten about me..
Will I ever, ever, EVER, be free?
Huh, uh, HUH?

[Lil Wayne - Verse 1ne]
Just when they thought it was safe
I picked up
Hear my story and listen well;
Truth is in all that I tell
It could never have been me
I did not shoot no deputy

Mr Grant, the deputy,
Written by: John Duarte, Mark Paul

Mr. Mambo (repeat)

I've been waiting for the weekend
To go out and have some fun
Well the stars shine just like