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the nerves ignore the pain

Repetition needs a friend
I have a 12 gauge resting in my hands
How 'bout we get this party started right
And use a bullet for each
??? by the police local papers call this justice I call it murder ??? with a club in his hand ??? I watched you beat my friend to the ground let you
motherfuckas out there go for bad
That shit played out my brother
I ride by and gun done motherfuckers
Whether friend or foe bro
Steppin' on my toes, your
You's a bitch
Trick ass, snitch mothafuca
Type bitch, sleepin' with the enemy, sucka
Don't let me catch ya slippin' in the darkness
We ain't friends
sawed off
12 gauge bullet spray
And the ambulance come to take your body away
You still a bitch, ridin' to the hospital
Keep lookin' for the doctor
twelve, "doh", would be 
Written 1-0. 
Get it? That'd be swell, for multiplying by 12. 

Hey little twelvetoes, I hope you're well. 
Must be some
these Fairfax blocks for ages
Organic for breakfast, free-ranging on stages
It's twelve-noon on my clock, engaged for 12 Gauges
I spit the plague,
off in a silent rage
Fish tilled back to the Ritz with my 12 gauge
Gat smoking, I ain't joking
Left them fools on the ground face with they heads
Shot down by a 12 gauge
Shotgun, never feel safe
Struck hard by a spiked fist
Cold blood runs down your face

As your hate grows stronger
Towards the one
Here is a song from the wrong side of town
Where I'm bound to the ground by the loneliest sound
And it pounds from within and is pinning me down
bottle of booze

My baits a' runnin a little low

Man a box of 12 gauge would be all the rage

I'm all liquored up and I'm feelin' good

Well just down
Bang on the dark side man,
Land ah the thuggish ruggish city will it reveal,
But I went back to my land with ah 12-gauge Mossberg pump
Big shells, you
an angel with a 12 gauge (Lock and load)
You're like a wheelman on a get-away (Hit the road)
And together we ride
You ain't Bonnie I ain't Clyde
But we
you Dainy more than living itself
Even though my friends tell me she ain't good for my health
When I go pick her up they tell me put her back
Only 12 years old and already so alone
Left abandoned on a train
You've got a lot to earn but you'll never learn
Powders can't get rid of all your
Compton soon
I gotta get drunk before the day begins
Before my mother starts bitchin' about my friends
About to go and damn near went blind
Young niggaz
Compton soon
I gotta get drunk before the day begins
Before my mother starts bitchin' about my friends
About to go and damn near went blind
Young niggaz
It's on now
Feel threatened by this
Takin shit
[ VERSE 1: Armageaddon ]
We 12-cylinder-pushin drug dealer-killers, we feelin this
living black hell
Do you feel me? Keys to ignition, use at your discretion
Roll with a 12 gauge pump for protection
Niggas hate me in the section from
faggot-ass man hauled ass
Slammed body in the G-Y-M, G-Y-N'
Love Doctor in the hood, fucked bitches, all their friends
So, yo

[Chorus: Ghostface Killah
hauled ass
Slammed body in the g-why-m, g-why-n'
Love doctor in the hood, fucked bitches, all their friends
So, yo...

[chorus: ghostface killah (sung)]
They call me Layzie the Kid

Tha names Powder P
Can I get a 12 guage?
Outlawd everyday
On the front page
Now Mr. Kid
If you give me the lowdown
from the ghetto nation

Out on the lawn, ya strip the car down
And you're sippin' corn on the porch
If the neighbors complain, open up the 12-gauge
at the Arco, put some gas in my Caddy
Armor on my wheels, shine up my Daytons
Check my 12-gauge, I see jackers just waitin'
Got in my car, rolled up
In my head there's a city at night
Static gauge with the rush and the lights
Now it's concourse you look very fine
But this place here is no