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if it's new, its in the past.
Everything goes by so fast.
Upstaged by the supporting cast.
don't ask the girlfriend to throw it away,
It'll be in
in my sea of troubles
Nine to five with suitable ties
Cast adrift as their side-show, peepshow, stereo hero
Becalm bestill, bewitch, drowning in
Your bleeding hearts
Your bleeding hearts

And oh you cast your game
But I can stay here forever
Make myself small until you see
And oh she
guardians in their conscience bubbles
Safe and dry in my sea of troubles
Nine to Fives, with suitable ties
While I`m cast adrift as their sideshow,
guardians in their conscience bubbles,
Safe and dry in my sea of troubles.
Nine to Fives, with suitable ties,
While I`m cast adrift as their sideshow,
Gravely I listened to Reverend McBride 
Down at the mission house each Friday night. 
Heaven's salvation for those who know best, 
Hell and damnation for
We crossed that border every Friday night
We sat beneath that ol Dos Equis neon light
That stucco wall has stories we'll never tell
Jimmy spent
cast and showed me
In a penis exhibition in a gallery on Broadway
So many people saw my penis in its glass case
They recognise my penis now before my
I cast the grain by the pound 
I make sounds with the horn 
When I color the corn, caught the fit 
And sit the two when honey slung the tip 
you can't hear the silence
Even when it's there. Like the wind seen from the window,
Seeing it but not being touched by it.

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