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the watcher
I have power
I see the slithering Serpent
In the foretold Dark Age I see
The greatness of the Dragon's Legacy

Millenniums have passed since
to freestyle with, I ate y'all on the corner
Call the coroner, niggas dead out here
Hangin' onto life by a thread out here
Them niggas wearin' all that red
(That cool shit)
Call me conductor, I lead the way for ya
Underground vibe, status self-employed
R-A-H aka Harriet Thugman
Carry out the legacy
pedigree, the best of show five-foot-three
Speak of the legacy for short people around the world
Napoleonic bionic people who cause the world to twirl
only here to live and die
In the futile days of a faithless haze
Never asking why, why would I
When I've felt the hand of eternity
It's a legacy I
Gather round and listen
As I tell you now this tale
The grim legacy of the pirates three
And how their lives ceased to be
I'll tell you know
a gangees tongue
She knows the lawless shan lands
She walks a modal mile
I stay sub-merged for two days
I may go back for three
I'm backing off till
and shuttered by the wind
To tell the tale of Lydia, her legacy begins uprising
Unveiling the absurdity in the tragedy of man
And it's hero the all seeing worm
just be one more nigger in the morgue

Yeah I like that man
That shit sounds kinda funky don't it  
Hahahaha, yo let me finish this freestyle tho man
to flow
Yo, my M.O., making all kind of dough
From the info that Rakim show, ya know?

Yes yes y'all, I still fiend by any means
To flow, and I go
who tells your story

My mind flashes, I see the asses of the masters
Who test the masses, I ask if I'll ever be one
When I die, will heaven be
of times
In K.R West
Can't forget slept with a W fresh
A Big shot upon freestyle from the shit thirty pieces

Let's do this for the people
Let's make
Uh! Backwards!

c'mon! c'mon! c'mon! (c'mon!)

Oh no, struck by greased lightning
F'ed by the same last name, you know what?
China ain't never givin
that'll make you shout
For you, and you, and all to see
The dopest rhymes, said by me
Listin' these facts for all to know
How to rock a party, keep
Freestylers (here-here-here we go, here we go)

By definition it's the Don
With the KV in the brand new song
Giving use of freestle, freestyle flows
With the d,
Sassoon, chrome tones hear the moans of Al Capone
Gun POW to the dome
And split the bone, wig blown off the ledge
By the alledged, full-fledged, sledge
pride, Play's by my side
Just chillin, along for the ride
Now it's the capital K-i-d, this is my ID
My rhyme history on the m-i-see
Will show I know how
turn to see

1, 2, Minimise damage
Pick up the pieces
Of a broken legacy
3, 4, Hang on tightly
Wrap up warm in the freeze of the city
5, 6, You know
a run up on n****z gunnin em down
And you confess dat I'm da best so who's touchin me now ?
Shipped three hundered thou wit a freestyle 

F***in you
day slavery run by racists 
While you're actin' like you got a chip on your brain 
You don't want to see a nigga succeed without no pain 
Off others'
[Thirstin Howl III] 

I'm accustomed to abiding by freestyle penal code 
My rhymes are like long drives going down a scenic road 
Taught discipline
Duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duh, duh-duh-duh-duh-duh-duhhhh
You bitch ass niggas

By any means on, Ron O'Neal lean on
Freestyle, you want it from Ghost? Then throw C
No trouble, I'll bust your bubble then leave you for ruin
Such come a dime a dozen, fuck some
You lost the race by a dick slut's cum 'cause nuts won
See yeah, you know they smoke alot
I know they poke alot
I know they got popped in Japan
By some global cops
It looked like some herbal
But it
the ledge
By the alleged, full-fledged, sledge RZA edge
One dose of my feroc hand held trigga cuts
Acapella spittin' shell paralyzed when you get touched