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you'll die dancin'
Dark, gliding shapes that violate every law of nature
Buy 'em or die a thousand deaths

2 Live Crew, 2 Live Crew
Boyz with da bass, boyz
chillin and
Front on this and get dissed, motherfucker
Me and my crew, me and my crew we be chillin and
Front on this and get dissed

Ah one two
the rhyme time for a little 
Get together with my crew 'cause I'm like yeah, we gonna spit the 
Freestyle, freestyle flows from the top 
Them spontaneous
the day I die!

(2 Live Crew) (They're back!)
(2-2 Live Crew) (Say-whut-say-whut?)
(2 Live Crew) (They're-back-they're-back!)
(2 Live Crew
Causin examinin, paralyze 

Although they choose to itemize lives 

[Chorus x2] 

[Freestyle of Arsonists] 

Continue infiltration by
your crew that's why your stage show's wack! 

So let the sleeping and assuming and the B.S. stop 
Because, Naughty is to live and die for Hip Hop
one on one 
This is Basik Yo checking in one two
Watch out for your whole crew
We might do them by the two's
Three's and a hundreds I got you in
My new year's resolution (check 1, 2)
This is my new year's resolution (check 1, 2)
Spontaneous freestyles are the solution (check 1, 2)
"I can break it down like whatever you want"
Buckshot Shorty (2x)

[Verse 1]
All glocks down arriving is the bulletproof lyricist
are rood boy
looking critical
Reach for this, mother fuck being a criminal
Look in your bitch eyes, the vibe is subliminal
You wanna freestyle fuck that
I need
have a check at all
 - check one check two now I'm through with you

And all the Heavyweight crew puttin it down, Ten Cent Eve
Doin it at Project
[Verse 1]
I'm sendin this one out to my man Sean Barnes
Wanted to tell you what's been going on
Since you've been gone
Every week the crew has
the only I'm getting laid out is with your mama, commas
couldn't stop me, semi-colons and hyphens when I freestyle
two-hundred words a minute, shit speed
Yeah, what up 
[the show is over] 
Welcome to the final frontier 
Soul position 
Rjd2 on the beats plus myself, blueprint, on the 
from town 
Papa was a driller on a wildcat crew and my mama never was around 
I learn to cuss when I was two and fight when I was three 
And by
slang I use 
breakin' down mics 
and destroyin' crews. 

1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic check 1-2-1-2
1-2-1-2 unhh............ 1-2-1-2 mic
the streets will catch you slipping, rock ya steady 
Watch your back with your homies that you feel is real
Your homeboys from your crew, yeah them the ones
We be the crew that presents to the wicked instrumental
Damaging your mental from here to Sacramento
This here groove was made for vintage
ask how it feels
How the deal is that we're real so we're still around
Don't lamp wit a freestyle phantom ain't tryin' to be handsome 
Shrinkin' what
{Little girls.. think they're hardcore..} (4X) 

[Kool Keith] 

You got nine cars  tons of champagne  by the cases 

Two thousand people killed
of Hereon and day by day we study in astronomy
and converse in astrology and Hereon
Live my days so let's partake so let's all take flight
We used
play we vets
It's west coast foe life no crew only sets

[Ice Cube]
It's the dog breathing through the smog
I'm a hog of this gangster shit
Check it out y'all
Ch-ch-check it out y'all
Two, two Live Crew 
Two Li, two Li, two Li, two Live Crew
Fresh, fresh, fresh Kid Ice
Tre-treach Dee
When I go to war, I dun them
Could be this crew or that crew, I dun them
Could've joined that friend up, I will dun them
Out of town, that's where
[DJ] Here we are live on WBKZU. 199.9 on your FM dial.
 I'm in here chilling with Buddha Monk and my man, Poppa Chief.
[BM] What's