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a journey free of trouble
All aboard, all aboard the Celestial Shuttle
You could be home by now, if you lived there
If you lived there

After boarding no new
how they live and laugh now should be
they bis and last sound from class clowns
People should be free to be together
Should be free to be whatever you
Ride fucking free, forty below,
It's the car that kills the punk.
Pedal for momentum, feel the fucking vibe,
Blaze through traffic, burn the red,
Sticks and standing stones
Arrests and broken bones
Peoples' homes destroyed
Vicious thugs employed
By rulers alienated
From an earth they've
on thieves
Out here looking for ice to put in they teeth
Chain glowing shining and I'm ready for beef
Like my nigga 2 Chainz, cappuccino from the east
Battle scars in my bars red star I'm elite
UA, elevate, feel the mark of the beast

Herb shuttles, I'm gettin' high
In the solar, nigga fuck
I call 'em words from me
that take long to cook
So some feel free in saying that we don't hunger for beats
Not that we not hungry, just picky in
broken exhaust tips
Fuckin' losers

Hold your fuckin' ponies my homie
I whip your donkey by my lonely I eat pussy like Shoney's
That's Tunechi, homie,
The factories still churning out
Of that there's not a single doubt
There's more snide shit from their flea pits
They couldn't give a fucking shit.
to find a leadership of our own to make ourselves free men

The second coming, can't kiss the ring of the Lord's hand
The prophecy was fulfilled, you
one giant leap for mankind."

"It's a free concert from now on."

"We must be in Heaven, man"

"Four persons including two women were shot