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what would happen if that woulda been me?
All this shit so we could be free, so dig it, y'all.

(Cee-lo vocals)
I'm thinkin' of Assata, yes.
Listen to my

Our comrade Cee-Lo is considered by many as a modern day Neo
And opposing forces known as agents will like him dead for what he know
He is
arm--It's on
I party like a rap star, baby the facts are
The third time's a charm
So meet me by the Eiffel Tour
Bring a bottle of Dom

I am
can party in the streets

Well, I don't know about you
But we all trying to play dumb
But don't you worry about me
I promise you we gonna
out below, I think I rolled another cee-lo
Pick up my crap, niggaz don't get back a DIME of that
And keep my hand right by my waist where my nine is
-- the peace was free, gone

What I need, what I want, what I see
Is two different things, two different...

It was so
dollar bill, got that London Fog out the back paid the man
Me and Khujo and T-Boo, three jack lumbers
On the loose, cut your ass Lo like Cee
Be under
You I see
Sitting waiting for me
By the station in a blue ride
Wearing red for the first time

You are free
But yet you choose to be rated
go wrong
By these standards, I can't even put a Kangol on
My ego's big, I'm crazy, I could do Cee Lo's gigs
Kush homeboy, zero mids
Who gives
[Intro: Cee-Lo]
It's 6 O'clock, it's volume 1
Yeah, Greg Street's mixtape

[Verse One: Boondox]
Uh uh
I came up in the hood infested with

My earrings ten kilos
I'm going crazy like Cee-Lo
Stack a whole bunch of zeroes
But don't go tell my P.O
My dope got a vertical
It jump from
It's more than just fuckin believin' it
I'm holdin' them ones, rollin' up my sleeves an' shit
It's cee-lo for push-ups now, many headed for one
[Intro: Cee-Lo]
It's 6 O'clock, it's volume 1
Yeah, Greg Street's mixtape

[Verse One: Boondox]
Uh uh
I came up in the hood infested with
in the casino
Three bad chicks rollin' trips (cee-lo)
What's done is done, ain't no coming back
I'm ballin' like a bitch, roger that, it's breezy
paths on a search to be free
Suspicion felt corruption had a piece of Gotee
Success had me stressed like the G-Mo-be	
Cee-Lo's verse on "Thought Process"
money, there's weed blowin'
That's lean drippin', we lean drippin', that's cee-lo in
We be rollin' 6s, tell 'em roll with me
You gon' go get it? We gon'
Only 144,000 goin' get home 
Only 144,000 goin' get home 
Only 144,000 goin' get it baby 

[Chorus: Cee-Lo]
I've lived and I've learned 
I have
on bottles with funny names, holla holla
 Deep in this thang, keep it simple and plain
 and watch my chain hang, watch my chain hang
 Listen here
Kickin the Bobby bullshit, too smart for Willie Bobo
Not stressin five-o, hot hand in cee-lo
Live in the land of crooks yes Brooklyn's the borough
Do it for cee-lo games, cases, battle for bitches
Million dollar cribs, grandfather gamble those wit ribs, yes he did
Life is wonderful, fly living
the hoop-a-la
Let me find out you rhymed out designed out
Pullin dimes out then climb out, for time out
I'm at the free throw, playin ball, or cee-lo, I keep
men through aggression
Said it was a blessing and it happened for a reason
By speaking it, she found freedom
Between me and you

[Chorus: Cee-Lo
Made eighty stacks off Cee-Lo that without tour

Videotaped it all, I still watch it now
I traveled the world, learned how to rock a crowd
It ain't much
on your nose and your brain remain froze
So when you see me traveling on a spiritual high
I'm flying high with Cee-Lo
Or maybe watching my long's heart
scream, kids fiend
From the urban to sub-urban
Roll upon me thirstin' like "Hey, hey, Mister Dream-Merchant"
We roll longer than dice in a casino
Cee-lo in