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cried, Bill, Bill, Bill when are you coming back.
I cried in a stranger's arms standing there by the railroad tracks.
Oh, yes I did.

The day you left
it was
Then begin again because
Days are never long enough

Time's never late
Isn't bound by our fate
Try as we may
Love might never be found if we
John Davis - piano, Big Bill Broonzy - gtr
Alfred Elkins - imitation bass
Recording: Chicago, July 30, 1942
Album: Vol. 4 Document Records DOCD5058
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Bill Fries says that this is based on a true story from the late '60s, when a band of hippies rolled into
been fun cause it ain't...
Don't think I don't love you cause I don't

(Bill Anderson)
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When I found
late (for you)

Hey, listen!
I've have a message for you!

Listen to me!

You know a friend of mine
Called me the other day
By the name of Joe
like suckers
Mike Tyson still a champ, bullshit don't get no airplay
I feel good, what can I see

"Day, what a day"-- Erykah Badu (4X)
	"I got to say it
at days of four instead of two. 
Years seem so few (four instead of two). 
Heads bent in prayer 
For friends not there. 

Leaving twopence
[Bushwick Bill]
It's Bushwick Bill, I be that motherfuckin nigga
Four foot two, a couple of inches and I'm steady gettin bigger
Straight from
(C.W. McCall, Bill Fries, Chip Davis)

Four wheel cowboy
Four wheel cowboy
Four wheel cowboy
Jeepin' down to Santa Fe

Well, Denver town an'
Roll and Big Bill Broonzy
And "Really The Blues" by "Mezz" Mezzrow
And "Dharma Bums" by Jack Kerouac
Over and over again
And voices echoing late
My monitor is frozen
In late four-something sun
That cuts through icy patterns
Another day's begun

Recalling all my losses
While trying
But you threw em all away
I gave you one thousand, four hundred sixty-one days

I gave you four years of chances
To try to be your wife
I cleaned
The people gather round,the baby is crying
The ambulance is late and the lady is dying
The trigger happy did not step off that day
But the lady with the baby
It's hard to make it
Gettin' harder every day

It's Hell tryin to make it
When you're doin it by yourself
It's Hell payin taxes
When there's no
too late
They shot my babies but
They killed my faith

I haven't slept in 14 days
Now it's time to barricade
Myself in these four walls
My 16
And by and by

You can reach me down in Dallas
A general delivery
So if you want your freedom P.D.Q.
Divorce me C.O.D.

There's gonna come a day
By day three I wish you'd come right back to me.
Day four, five and six, well I guess you just don't give a shit.
Day seven, this is hell. this
By day three I wish you'd come right back to me.
Day four, five and six, well I guess you just don't give a shit.
Day seven, this is hell. this
And a good woman, but she’s stubborn as hell
Decent job, pour me some beers after the bills
But I hate these slow Monday afternoons
Work five days
by my side
M.O.B. until I die, females fall when I pass by


[Mike Jones]
You know me; hundred dollar bills on my fold up, 80 4's every
luxury cars.
Each has got its load of convertible bars, cutlery cars - superscars!
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out,
'cause they
man gets up
And goes to work again, slaves all day to cover them bills
Don't want to pay his taxes but you know he will
If I had a camera
Since rap got locked right before we visit the 90's
Chef in the kitchen cookin' up wit the crimeys
It's late Fall, dime season
We bought the crib
I just bought me a great long ticket
I'm gonna use it at 4 P.M.
So you can call your secret love
And break the news to him

You thought your little