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Die Form · Alter Form


The Magicians (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Magicians of the Swing Piano (Earl Hines) · Myths & Imaginary Magicians (Even in Blackouts) · Magicians at Work 2 (Franco D'Andrea) · Sonic Excess in Its Purest Form (Crowbar) · The Return to Form Black Magick Party (Pop Levi) · Truth in a Structured Form (Atlanta Rhythm Section) · Form and Substance: The Dark Side (Joy Division) · Urban Art Form: Olive (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Form von Liebe (Xavas) – and 29 other albums »

the partition of God's religion
Become united by our bars and our common visions,
The "C" of Tranquility, what will it really be?
What does the future hold?