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of a ready writer
I only speak of things
Pertaining to my Jah and Kings
And of the life of Him
Of whom all things and I dwell and live in

He said blessed are
know you anymore
Supposed to be the man
That I live my life by
And your attitude become a bore
And I'm so tired I cant even cry

Mr Ultra sensitive
you've always been good to me
Even when I'm not good to myself
You've always been fair to me
Even when I'm not fair to myself
You've always done right by
and forgetting myself 
But now, I take it day by day with the flowing proof... 
The correct value of all things will begin to look cruel 
At least let me change
And I'm still drunk by the end of the night
I don't drink like everybody else
End up forgetting things about myself
I'm stubborn I'm forward head's just
a path
You can't help, but inhale and get strong
You need that good shit all up in your lungs
I live fast, and keep energy in motion
Jah bless, so I
watched it all.

Behind every mask, lies a man, who can't live in his own skin.
He lives by the flask, he bathes in his past, and he dies by his own
Heyy-yo, heyy-yo, we speedballin..

Livin by the grace of God
At the pace of the Devil life is hard, we speedballin
With no time to waste
You notice, you so focused on the things they don’t do or don’t do for you
You said they have not grown, not like you
But forgetting that you still
turbulent and terminal just like an illness
How to be real with myself to even feel this
In grip with my controls to wheel and deal this
Chinks upon my
just want to keep forgetting
Slip your desires into the ants' nest
Come now, all you have to do now is be reborn again

Let tomorrow sleep
This is to the entire Critical Mass
My nigga Tashawn, Jah Born, Big Tu
This how we do
Check it out

[ Mos Def ]
Daylight disappears from