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Brown bless the mic like gesundheit
Bud 'bout the size of a bonsai, kick it like Muay Thai
Flow like sci-fi in high def
I'm righteous and still
I don't gang-bang but I bang bang
I pull up to the club, I got on eight chains
Took that bitch to Wings-N-Things, she wanna be my main

be this, there wouldn't be Chris,
Or a Public Enemy with a black power fist.
No Queen Latifa, no Will Smith either,
There would only be tight jeans,
you faded by the pound, nigga keeping 'em though
Lil fin and queens mound y'all forever be thick
P-mall don't ball I see you moving that shit
We had the first family, see and Mr. Chris Brown

My niggas DJ and Leroy was puttin' shit down

My DJ burns vocals, Ski-Daddy and Big Midge

Killing my fitteds with no intent, I grew 'em better
Like I'm under a goal post, I'm two official
Extra point nigga, I forever kick it
As far
grandmother, my main girl
I love you much more than the scandalous world
As a young boy you gave me whoopings to save my life
Cursed me out, to keep me out
the tip of a witches titty
The soul eraser, mozzarella taker make hella paper
Battle in storms and forever I prevail a playa
Pullin' humongus cables, bomb
goggles, oxygen bottles and Doppler effect modules
Lock you in a time capsule, smash the console
Shit on you in reverse and suck you in a brown hole