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It's sowing season
In these forever fields [x4]

From beneath these bones
God only knows
Who's too dark to reach
And too bright to teach
Donnie's got a secret and you know it
He was yours, in the summertime, yeah
About ten years ago
He promised you to stay forever
Live with you
Nothing left but the life we left behind,
Ever searching the hidden faces, the inside,
Broken by down the fire below destroyed.

Light years
doors prefer locks
And your death prefers spoons
Why wouldn't you wait one last laugh at fate
Forever's too soon

But across the field death bell knells
[Chorus] 2x

[Verse Three]
Death to a 3 year old nino brings forever sleep
This we live with and this we keep
Hidden away, but this is the land of the free
[cool breeze]
Hey, I was introduced to fame by way of mouth
I was rappin' on this tape, and the rap was about
How for my folks, and for mine, I forever
Twenty-six years end, still speaking in these tongues 
Such revelations while understood by no one 
When the new actor stole the show, who questioned his
One two
It's Masta Ace, Cunninlyguists
We about to get into the seasons
The seasons of hip hop
How we gonna start it?

[Masta Ace]
don't need it) (No)
I rock

Legendary to the maximum
NPG for now and forever

Welcome to mendacity, sign your name
See the world so pretty, wealth
lethal plus we taking over
I’m getting older so I live by the new slogan
That Philly shit the barrel smoke will leave your head open
It’s open season
the disaster
A reason for the treason in a jet black season
For peace, justice, and freedom
For the Original Man, architect of the Motherland
One two
It's Masta Ace, Cunninlyguists
We about to get into the seasons
The seasons of hip hop
How we gonna start it?

[Masta Ace]
to a brand new me

Crossing the wintry fields, 
The first hour of morning's light 
Warmed by the flame inside, 
The lasting memory of the ending night
through a vacant land
There's a lotus in the sand
Pluck it, hold it in your hand
Lotus is forever and when it whilts away its eternal root are deep

[chorus: repeat 2X]
I toast the man and woman
who they know belong together
Cause for all I know I could be searching
This earth forever
tool around here
My niggaz act a fool around here, yeah
My hood, my set, my strip, my p's, whatever
We down, we real, we bang forever
Put in game
"segregation tomorrow" 

"the white man"

and segregation forever"

He's an enemy to all of us."
could remember, he had one nightmare reoccur
But until about ten years ago, it didn't matter
It consisted of loud, distorted sounds echoing off
down, we real, we bang forever
Put in game down here, make change down here
'Coz I serve them fiends, that raw 'caine down here, yeah

And I done made my
from the endless horizon
Or flowers to mark out the changing of seasons

No animals dwelt in the forests or fields
All life was extinct; its fate had