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La Z y la L
Zion baby!
Rkm y Ken-Y
Pégate y besame
Rkm y Ken-Y
La Z y la L

Ella no suelta el dembow
Le gusta en la esquina
("hoo-yu-ken" *Street Fighter sound, from Afro

Uh, I begin like this; with the wicked ass flow 
Somethin for you wack MC's to think about why
Penqueno Juan
Frankie J
Mamita, why we gotta keep going through this?
Talk to her, Frankie

Just yesterday you said you loved me

[Ken Dawg]
Hoes stayin' up
Close enough for ya to let ya know
It's do or die forever, ridin' together (we're ridin' together)
'Til the day
that's Scarecrow 
i love you 
I want to bang with you forever 
but you too evil though 
we gonna give you to the devil 

[Gangsta Boo]
what's up do
forever long! (Uh huh!)
Way this bass hittin' don't forget to turn the treble on! (Damn!)
Why listen to haters he or she was probably nevah' on! (Uh huh!)
gun smoke.

Took a trip out to texas 
And I find real niggas, remind me of mine. 
A nigga can vibe, 
'cause y'all some cold ass playa playas.