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in your presence were wisely spent
See Adams & Eves how they intertwine
Minute(minute) by minute(minute), until the end of time!!!
Combat video game
And up here in the stands

The fans are goin' wild
The cheerleaders flip
When you wiggle your hip
And we all like the bit when you
I read about your band in the entertainment news.
Struck me how you sounded so cynical.
For every Ocean Ranger and penny-poor reserve,
that you can't afford 

I can't be picking up in the town
So get me one off Adam if he's sorting you
I don't really care what all your friends are
revolutionized Fellies for Timbo?s
He?s the star in his own music video,
Jacob the jeweller?s asleep on his arm
Been off duty since he nicked it off some tourist
shoes polished
By the best open mic emcees paying Timbaland's homage
In this day and age
If your deck ain't playing Cage
You probably disgruntled your
what he say
Man he try to blame violence on rap music and video games
Like we out here killing for any old thing
If I was reckless I would tell you
accept this robbery of life? Why accept this pillage?
For Christ's sake take up your bed and walk.
Let the blind see end the deaf hear.
The rights