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know you've got your own version of the truth
There's only three things left now I can do
Deny, deny, deny

Well I was allegedly dropped 
By a truck
started it
But you shouldn't say those things you say
I always thought people were meant to learn by their mistakes
But it never seems to work out that
version, history for its fuel
Tends to buy
Those who die

As you watch the athletes score 
Or check your latest statement
Or sing your child a lullaby
by my own vanity
Whispering rumours, bullying me
Well I spent it
It wasn't worth it
And for those who are not so beautiful as her
Not giving excuses,
1986 Version

Suicide rate going up 
Homicide cases piling up 
Rape and killing even with innocent little children 
To those that can really see
Sit tight, it's your version of alive
You keep your molecules inside
I know you know desire is not so polite

Take a quick breath, do you feel what's
The local factory's been pulled down
By an overseas corporation
Now all of my brothers are looking around
For alternative occupation

I was
against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good
of their homes
But show wonders how many people buy
Them for the summer factor
She's making pictures, collaging pictures
A microscoping version
I don't know about group number 2
Man, tough

Listen we would like to
We would like to do for you a real pretty song
That was done by a group
Do it for cee-lo games, cases, battle for bitches
Million dollar cribs, grandfather gamble those wit ribs, yes he did
Life is wonderful, fly living
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against me since the outset
9th got 'em fiending for an instrumental version of an album that ain't out yet
But now it's my outlet, and it feels so good
only destination: anywhere but here

There's nothing permanent below me and above
For every time it's all too much, it's not enough
to bring this world together. Better worlds can only be created by better versions of ourselves. 'Cos our dreams, hopes, schemes are fading out of sight it
has no mercy on your color find eye's
Stole blues version of oakland...
As you make for thin ice on your you on you violent night.

The next morning
I'm not worried but kinda am
I'm slowly learning, most people get me but the side effects
Small percentage of those repelled by all that I
profit grommet teams solidify the clot to slippery city salt piston pump drain
But hold those incredible console with the Russian roulette baboon spin-off
for them to attain
So Oderus did call for conclave

First came Balsac, his council was wise
His War-Axe gleamed, he was a loyal knight
Plus forty
the Reggae version, hey, for the People in
the Third World... we haven't forgotten anybody on this song.. .for all of you French
people...who think that you
Is you ready? 
Back by popular demand
Murderous specialist tactics 
Wu Tang Clan  no rehearsal or practice 
Niggaz ain't ready for this
Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death
I will fear no evil, for you are with me
Your rod and your staff, they comfort me
[ "Long Version" includes the following INTRO: ]
Yo Rich
How come y'all go ruthless
turn around and try to be positive?
[ D-Loc ]
Look man, people
And different is NOT what you're looking for
You're looking for those Alpine ski-chiseled features
and that sort of blank look which passes for deep thought
mired by sluts
I questionmark your heart, punctuate your fate
All your version predicates 
Done as well as you pronunciate
In the (west)?,we're gonna