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To *'Stand By Me'
Like Ben E. King said
The rest of my life

Baby! Baby!

It's too (late)
You're too late to wake up
(It's too late to wake up)
backs like King acts
Over Organized tracks full of facts
So you know that it's D.E.E.P

You want to go D.E.E.P., I'll take ya D.E.E.P
You know you fucked
a Ben Frank get some Andrew Jackson's
Five twenties for a hundred dollar bill
You know the math lets make deal
On a one dollar bill if ya look
gangsta rap shit, down to blast for cash
Cause from Eazy-E, to D.O.C., to D.P.G
Started from that S.O.B., D.R.E
Like Dub-C I'm rich rollin', pistol
day light
G-E-T-L-I-V-E alright

Trans-hypnotic robotic can't stop it
No limits to this style you know you can't lock it
First you mock it, rock it
hi-high-hi-high on my own supply,
Yellin' "Rasta, alright! " when I'm ridin' by,
See I used to be the wife of a king,
Back when I was smugglin' them things in
I get more bitches than you, fools cock 22 

I cock A-K's make niggas run for they duece 

and them blue signs is thicker 

cause when you think
of blood left for dead 
the pain starts to spread now I can't feel my legs 
I meet doctor who at King Drew medical center 
as I enter I see you 
he said
Fool I'm a vet you can bet that 
I could dance underwater and not get wet (check it) 
Its rainin' bullets and I'm still there 

(For life) I'm still
out of control, never won an ESPY
Bout to buy a black ghost and call that shit SP
Flow outta this World, I'm coming for my Moon man
You niggas slide
Killer king is the hospital
Feelin' numb from the bullets I hum 
And when they hit black mothers have fits I don't give a shit

Fool I'm a vet
Now I hope you know the lyrics
'Cause that's what's important anyway
These are the words of the Most High God
Understand what He says
The rock below
You could still feel chills from the team
On 118, my nigga Ben fly by like it's a dream
His face on his Shirt Kings
Laced in a pinky ring, in
on the lo-lo's, girl
Still taking my time to perfect the beat
And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E

Since the last time you heard from me I lost
[Chorus: x2]
D.E.E.P. you want to go D.E.E.P. I'll take ya D.E.E.P.
You know you fucked up when you let my mind creep
Deeper than the page
them lo-lo's, girl
(Still taking my time to perfect the beat
And I still got love for the streets, it's the D-R-E)

Since the last time you heard
like emeralds, check out the ski mask
King Tut's nephew gave it to me for three bags

Of heron, Don Baron, sniff a bag of blow
Fifth out, runnin' up in
who're tripping
I know and it shows, I can look at your nose
And just tell that you're effected by the e-g-o

On the downlow
On the downlow
'll come through, tuxedos on with the gold llamas
Priceless like emeralds, check out the ski mask
King Tut's nephew gave it to me for three bags
to upset you

with the things I say and do

I should know better but I said so anyway

Its easier to play a part

And read your lines

than freely speak
to pull the cover
and attempt to sleep
You won't get rest naaaah
You can not sleep on this
For I make noise... see
But anyway, I 
Whole team champion they went postal cold
Power overload
Hold up hold my coat
Please remember this day
This changes and so you show anyway
spell dad?
It goes L-O-V-E
How do you spell dad?
It goes L-O-V-E

Baby girl make sure your kings a better man than me
You better believe I know that
anyway, yeah

Thought you were the mountain king
Waiting real still for the phone to ring
But you blocked 'em all with your attitude
You were the one who
anyway bitch anyway
You can say what you wanna say
Just don't get in my way 'cause I'm a mean old
Fiend know C know & P know see loc
We make music for