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What do I do next?" said the bishop to the priest,
"I have spent my whole life waiting, preparing for the feast,
And now you say Jerusalem has
And I'm controllin' mines, like Waco
Texas, Mr. Flossy in the Lexus
Super supreme I plot schemes like Stephen King and

One by one, we'll start
readin' Stephen King, Joan Collins ain't my thing
Whenever I got beef, I give [Name] a ring
I cool with Walter and Lumumba in an Aero Star
Yo Wise,
to write lyrics 

In a cold sweat  heard magnums in my dreams  my ears ring 

So this time on the mic I bring horror like Stephen King 

All my good
has taken place that we are governed by fools?

We've had problems from self-appointed Gods from Bishops to MPs.
They've tried to ban our