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(Food clothes medicine)

Heh, so y'all know it's nearly a hundred and ten degrees in this f***in' vulgar room domain.
Got the motherf***in' face
You can be the queens of tomorrow 
Dig it, I want all that and more 
For my peeps in the struggle 
Food, clothing, and shelter 
Is essential
Equality Food Clothing and Shelter
After this, Love Peace and Happiness
He had the nappiest head, I told him total satisfaction
is to achieve one goal in
It's Freedom Justice Equality
Food Clothing Shelter
And Love Peace and Happiness
So as we say A-be	-see
gotta be a trick for the deaf dumb and blind 

Now would you set up home, and wait for a Mystery God 

to bring Food, Clothing, and Shelter
2 ]
New World Order, manslaughter son and daughter
No food, clothing, shelter or running water
Police bought a car for the special task force
Now they
cancer or AIDS, or why the health food store I go to keeps getting harassed by federal authorities for selling herbal medicines.

Meanwhile, guess who