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to easily there will never be anoth(G)er

you and me(C)

i know love can hurt us and love can make us

fly,i know i was born to love you till
the shore
Poured together make oceans roar
Night visions make spirits soar
So choose one wisely.

Not all angels can grow wings
They seem to soar by
And while he'll talk I would sit and cry

But I am not some little sparrow
I have no wings nor can I fly
So I'll sit down here in grief
Met a honey riding on the trolly
Looking kinda Dolby said that I could call her Molly
Said she had a lover that went by the name of Polly
As she
(Set apart by deception)
My one condition (To fuck you)
Learn to hide before you try to fly
Deceit I can't believe you fucking tried
I am your shadow
a man to do the shootin anyone can get shot
So fuck the fact I had to grind or the fact that I did time
I should only be defined by the fact that I can
wins the mariner and he belongs to her now.
Then, crew one by one
they drop down dead, two hundred men
She, she, Life in Death.
She lets him live, her
you'd believe me

It's not the way
I'm meant to be
It's just the way
The operation made me

And you can tell
From the state of my room
That they
a ploy to help Christine (this is insane)
I know who sent this, the Vicomte, her lover
Indeed, can you believe this?

Signora (o traditori, o
and left for the flies
Believe me that I will piss upon your grave
Forgiveness may greet me on someday
But I'll never forget all this pain
Let there be
here marching?"
Thinking if they can't, how can I breathe?
Thinking that they chant, what do I sing?
I want to take a stance 'cause we are not free
the valleys of death
I open my eyes, they droppin' like flies, my last breath
Might get snatched, taken, broke down I'm shaken
Shaken by that shit that's
records saying that we're a threat to decent society.
Fuck them. I hope we are.
What kind of depraved idiot thinks they can silence others by denying them
Another frozen future has passed. 
Another breed, another cast. 
The rivers will run, brought to life by the sun, the circle is