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I'm holding back a flood of tears
Just thinking 'bout those happy years
Like all the good times that are no more
My love is gone, gone, gone
What about the good times:
"They were few and far between."?
That`s the understatement of the year.

Some would call it passion,
But it means
Three thousand!!! 
Three thousand!! 
I crank up lyrical flows  spit spats  what's that 
The pattern records  don't touch the DATs  yo 
Check out
And everybody knows
I'm alone at midnight

I spoke with her on the phone
It's been three years since we said hello
The years flow by like a dream
We talked
Three tyrants torn away in a winter's month
Four prisoners framed by a dirty judge
Five burned with tyres
Six men still inside
And seven more
get deep, I get deep, I get deep, I get deeper, deeper, deeper
Into the rhyme

Chillin' in the corner at the shelter all by myself
Checkin it out
or die tryin times
Greed that I see
Got these cats
Whipped by tv
3 generations of fatherless women
We drownin instead of swimmin
This ain't what
eyes resides
A child who cannot speak.
Years find a mind alone whose
Questions flow too deep for words.
Covered in a shroud of silence
And I'm getting better year by year
Like they say Juan do
Cops couldn't smell me if you brought the canines through
And I pace myself
I know these money
tryin' times
Greed that I see
Got these cats
Whipped by TV
Three generations of fatherless women
We drownin' instead of swimmin'
This ain't what
You sang to me tonight
My lovers voice turned rivers wide

Flow me to her heart
I want to listen from where it starts
If I dive too deep
I pray
There is a feeling deep inside
That drives you fuckin' mad
A feeling of a hammerhead
You need it oh so bad

Adrenaline starts to flow
thrashing all
up in paisley form
Mic it stay warm, my flow is Evian
Deep as a Nautilus, you stay dipped in Ra style
From the shores of Long Island to Panama Canal
Ready or not, here I come
(Come on)
(Come on)
All my life I've kept my feelings deep inside
Never was a reason to let somebody know
Lover here,
right here, has been certified
For years, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah
He's got soul up in his blueprint and he's ready to vocalize
So we passin' the mic your way, come
Guardian angels are working for me
The devil and the deep blue sea
I beat my heart and bend all trees
By the end of the year I'm on my knees
Fifteen years have passed
The desert sands adhere to your hands and block your airways
Trickle down your throat,encrusting on your heart
Bubble slow and
Low in the rov and
Spit stick flow I'm a problem
y'all can't fuck with Boog
I'm too hood
F-be	 the rap Angelina Jolie, dog
wonder 's

I live Brooklyn like year 24 for sure
Sul c-notes in my tennis skirt(?)
And the kick hurts so good that I gotta sorta accents for this
Plague, famine, death by military land
The century approaches it's renewal
For forty years the Iris will not appear
For 40 years it will be seen every
My soul is burning now 'cause years ago you gave me secret sorrows
I've seen the ice through your eyes
How could you've been untrue nice sad
Wings of the night
Has turned light into shadows
And through the deep forest
Only the mist prevails
Carried forth by the whispering wind
Wings of the night
Has turned light into shadows
And through the deep forest
Only the mist prevails
Carried forth by the whispering wind
Temptation within my head
Collecting the treads of fate in a color less 3D world
Now I'm filling up inside
A snake sleeps by my side
The news spitting
gazed for long, long years of rapture
On the face of my Savior so true
And I sang with the seraphim holy
Then I dreamed I searched Heaven for you.