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the painful words I wrote
We can smother out the flames within my soul
No more standing by the way that I believe
We can smother out the flames

Cast in fire tempered by the flame evil demons lie within the blade
Mighty swords razor sharpened steel death metal weapons forged to kill

Two flames in the endless expanse
A presence within my eternal abyss
Parallel paths in nothingness
A rope stretched between past and future

A spark in the night, a flame of hope
Spirit of God within my soul
Alive within my heart
The life in my bones

You're lifting my eyes towards
I am the demon cloaked within the light of darkness
Wretched one of heart so black
The bitter cold of death surrounding
Fear within your soul
Fire-fucked, in league with sin
Spawned by flames, He grows within
Gonna bring this world to it's end
To the depths He'll then descend
all my own way
I need to be broken, so I look to You and say

Make me shine (rekindle the flame within my soul)
Renew my love for You
For You are
by the fire within me
Only a pure heart survives
Stygian flames

Don't fight
True virtue keeps my way to see
Walk without fear through
Wide is the line
Separates the rivers from the dirt
All the while I wonder who's the one

Within the one and only eye (we all stood cut free)
Words and music by Bob Hartman
Based on Psalm 104:4, Luke 3:6

When the weight of the world begins to show
When the flames of faith begin to die
the crimson flames
...until the crimson flame of

Eternity is watching me

It shines forever endlessly
Just like your light within my heart
There are
Now van distance be a factor
When engraved in me thou art?

Nourished by the soul my flame
Shall serve to torch the earth

Denial serves me
oceans formed by skulls
Pandemonic outbreaks cause chaos within the universe

Blood for Satan - Tears of God

Lords from beyond fly through the astral
Far beyond all light 
Within the black and the coldest breeze
Caressed by the dark, I had my sleep

Awakened by the moon
Nocturnal life, my
This place is a wasteland
In isolation, we will fall
Never forsaken if we can fight the flame
That burns within us all
This place is a wasteland
Live within four walls scrape insect infested dreams
Cancer cornered worn accepting misery as a way of dealing within
This complex fantasy which

When all is lost
Swallowed by depths of darkness
The gates to the kingdom of horrors
You've passed, now dwell in madness

Flames of eternity
gates of the beyond

Red mark us pure and evil...
black spirits haunt from here
The frozen squad descend...
The flame burn within
Death rides
with the fire, make it bright. Lost within the space of outer sight.
One lonely flame against the night. Children of the morning, make it light.

worlds destruction.
That abide within the abyss.
All-conquering flying demon.
You are under my domination.

Evil lord of the darkest flame.
By us, the Brothers of Steel

The eternal flames of metal
Living in our hearts
It never dies
The flames will live forever

The eternal flames
Upon a darkened night
The flame of love was burning in my breast
And by a lantern bright
I fled my house while all in quiet rest

Shrouded by
the flames that reach
So deep within our eyes
Just a little light
Not enough for seeing
Just enough to make us seem
Important in the night

Oh the magic
Today we will show who we are
We are the earth
And we're together again
My friends, will you show us the way
We travel on, guided by the flame
A silent secret
Of unfathomed darkness
Uncounted years
Within the temple walls

Lightened up by the moon
It's pale walls cold
Entrance not