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from the police.
Tell your Mama: "Don't know what happened."
Well you wanted trouble?
Now you got a fistful.
That's what happens when you fall for
Now you’re thrown away

Same rise and fall
Who cares at all?
Seduced by fame
A moth into the flame

Twisted backstabbing wicked
(Traditional, adapted by Ry Cooder)
(D) - (A) - (E)

(A) We worked through Spring and Winter, through (D) Summer and through (A) Fall
that may guide their fortune
There in the game where the strongest will survive
The weak fall by the wayside

All that jazz, that Hollywood jazz
by you falls
Depending if the fool keeps spending it all

You can have it all but you've got to pay
(You can have it)
Credit cards, mortgage, home
The gold is for fools and paradise is lost
But the hungry have never bothered with the cost

Day by day they fall away like rose petals
Like ink that
died at the hands of genocide

Lest we forget

Prayers fall upon ears of the dead
Drowning the bleat of sacrificial lambs
Condemned to an eternity
The scenery rides by
Just like floats lost in a parade
Where the palms and tumbleweeds sail
Right past the homes they stretch and they fade
And there ain't no goin' back
Rodeo girl
Saddle up
There's no more credit in this bank
Try your luck
Up in the East
Down in the West
Hold on tight
that they'll call
Oh they've got the permanent price and the homes with a stable address
And they've got excitement and life by the fistful but you've
right there with him, black suit and all
So you made ?humafisto? and hexagons a crystal
When he arrives at your doorstep with money by the fistful
Tides rush in
Are we all being tugged by
The same unit force that tugged me in?
That tucks us in with a kiss on those brows..
It's something felt, but
Oh we ain't got a barrel of money
Maybe we're ragged and funny
But you travel along singing a song
Side by side
Oh we don't know what's coming
Tides rush in
Are we all being tugged by
The same unit force that tugged me in?
That tucks us in with a kiss on those brows..
It's something felt, but
He was just a poor boy livin' down by the railroad tracks
His father worked so hard to provide that he died of a cardiac
He made himself a promise
I've never been so poor.
I bought something I can't afford
Most people can relate with a new car
But this is more value by far.

It's not a material
of luxuriant chairs
And you won't know a thing till you get inside, yeah

Run with me
Run with me
Run with me
Let's run

Some outlaws lived by the side
Things will never change,
Things will never,
Things will never change.
Stood by and watched the empire fall.
Now I won't cry while I watch it
quiet this way
I have to smile and take credit for being
The first to truly say

Oh, through it all a spirit that's brighter by far
Then all
Sitting across from you
You're head falls to the side
When you head the suggestion
You're driven from the light
It's the pull of the drawstring
My oh my, but you do look the killer
Never mind the duds just look at that hat
All that green chartreuse on the waistcoat
How do you come by
a dog ever had.
A post-hole-digger, a man Skoal dipper,
John Deere cap-sportin' man.
With a house on a hill and a pond in the field,
Surrounded by
collections of clothing by J. Crew
Convertible rabbit a cooler and some coozies
And six years of college course credit they'll probably neveruse
But I wish
By now I'd say
Well this happens everyday
I can't seem to remember
What happened yesterday
And when tomorrow comes there is no doubt
I'll be
of Jay-Z, Z
Check me out

30's the new twenty, nigga
I'm so hot still
Better broad, better automobile
Bet a yard, nah, bet a hundred mill
Then by the songs