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Invite your sister
Into the garden
All cannot play
Fist full of wild flowers
Hand picked by someone
Who nearly fell

(Ah, ah)

Friend foe
We are sitting at a table in a bar in Baltimore
It's the last night of December
And the room is nearly full
And the front door pulls a draft in
born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing
Freedom just around the corner for you
But with the truth so far off, what good
to comprehend
About the word of the father and his loving command.
Push back, heart attack, get down, come around,
Get your fist full of embrace, back
and leave me out in the cold
Story's old, tale's been told by many scholar
Got fist full of dollars, and a pocket full of love
God above, if you hear me
Three queens and broken dreams,
A bottle full of trouble and a gambling fiend.

As I came to I looked for you in the cupboards and the drawers,
full of liars and brutes,
Will make me stay and learn their way,
I vow to struggle,
I promise to put up a fight with fists in the air,
I have no more
Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

Nothing you can do [Repeat: x4]

They say he's a radical, he don't fit the game
A heart full
born with a snake in both of your fists while a hurricane was blowing. 
Freedom just around the corner for you
But with the truth so far off, what good
to make a fist.
Everybody die, gon' bury me alive.
Grab life by the horns, put the bullshit aside.
Glock clip full like the moon in the sky.
I'm at the gas
and cast aside

I don't care what it takes, you're fucking dead!

I never used to be so full of hate
It just grew and grew by the hour and day
record like Bangkok Dangerous
36 Chamber Fists, trianglist
Watch me mangle this, star spangle this
Rock cowboy wrangle it, create mega hits
I'm from
Treated like a mat on a boxing ring
Blood drop stains on the twin box springs
Daddy came to visit it's not a dream
She thought to herself what
Of truth, Asiatic discipline's frightenin
some who act dumb embraced by decadence
The weak in the wake of true black militants
Hear the call and all heed
of needles thrust into our eyes
So scholars might say we were blinded by pride
Like the sin of Our Father (and the whims of our kind)
Whom in Isaiah
I'm not worried but kinda am
I'm slowly learning, most people get me but the side effects
Small percentage of those repelled by all that I
.. knowledge is no pipe dream
Money makes the world go around? Full blown hype dream

Do what you got to do.. Say what you got to say.
Mix it in the middle..
and dreams
And a hand full of niggas that I call upon team
By the time I was thirteen
I got myself a 318 and startin' makin' moves, baby

It's like
thinking Johnny Carson back
Trying to win this white man game with my heart intact
All off a dollar and a dream that I really had
Kind of hard to sleep when
fists of fear remain to be fearless
Move like flyin' ??, full automation
Pumpin' carbon monoxide through your blood circulation
Separate these facts like
And pleasure, in every single measure
You miss being kissed by this lyrical treasure
Enjoy it at your leisure, cause it's gonna please ya

Mission to kill armed with a fist full of steel
Eyes gleam with the fury
Never thought I'd be facing to 2 mothers
In front of a prosecuting
drinking up a lot of forties
Oldies make E's in the sky
Why I rose made dog we use to ride
Kitchens cool in the woods by the tracks
We use to gather up our
I gotta get it
These brothers I know'll set it off in a minute
Take the gats wit the quickness
Got a hand full of doves, so know you know what
Gettin' hit by typhoons, machine guillotines 
Rip out the spleens, tonight while ya screams 
I'll blast ya in ya dreams, listen to my bombs 
Like you