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Hi, this is Sonny

And Cher

And this is the other side of our record
When you cut a record
Every one always asks you
What you are gonna put
on rolling 'till the time is right
I don't care if it rains, I'll be just fine
Sit back enjoy the ride

Until I got you, I got you
You're the sun through my
for the
Papal visit
Human trash roam the town
Woke up by hosanna
Helicopters strip the land
First impressions will be the last
Woke up at 2
second of the clock tick by
On an endless night
The first time seeing you with someone new
Dying inside trying to play it cool
It don’t matter how long
time we met
Time goes by but we never forget
The first time we fall in love

Love can be exciting, it can be a bloody bore
Love can be a pleasure
the very first time

A mental note of you, you sang my melody
First bar in a lifelong symphony
The prelude to a kiss
My heart's pounding when I
Cause many rhyme
But a lemon ain't a lime
And I don't falsify to get by
You must be more than herbally high
To verbally comply
To my vocal range
is in my head, I can't stop her I'm just a 

Just ask me for the sky, I'll give you everything
Time will pass us by, I'll give you
Ooh ooh, ooh ooh
First time
How do you feel?
Little bit strange it's little unreal that
First time
You're far from home
Finally out there on your own
to see 
Gives me hope when I can't believe 
That for the first time 
I feel love 

I have a brother 
When I'm a brother in need 
I spend my whole
Time Time Time Forever time It's time to walk by me One last time, it's time At first Relax Get set Get your message from time Time, time, time, time
I'd give love a try
Then you came a walking by
And gave me my first taste of love

Mmm, the very first time you held me
It was so nice
I finally
the first time
For us

Oooooooooooooo yea
And everything's all right with you by my side
And I want you and I need you to be there
Until the morning
It's a lesson I've just come to learn
That I've only just begun to learn
Oh yeah
For the very first time
For the very first time

I'd give love a try
Then you came a walking by
And gave me my first taste of love

Mmm, the very first time you held me
It was so nice
I finally
you'd swear the mixer had fleas 
She's the mutilator, music carnivore 
Spinderella rocks the records with a chainsaw 
You're still amazed by the way
You I see
Sitting waiting for me
By the station in a blue ride
Wearing red for the first time

You are free
But yet you choose to be rated
the very first time
Then dear it's fine, so fine by me
'Cos we can give it time
So much time
With me

And I can draw the line on the first date
I'll let you
won't get you
Out of my mind
I feel loved
For the first time
And I know that it's true
I can tell by the look in your eyes

Hear me tonight
I was born out my momma ass,
Well, I'm as blind as can be,
I brought my first shotgun,
By the age of three,
Said, Fine whiskey and women, oh,
The first time you kissed my lips 
The first time your finger tips 
Touchin' me couldn't resist 
The first the first the first

The first time
on the weakness that be lurkin' in their hearts
Seen it a million times i'm sure a million more
'cause venus she be working through the powers of amore
Mon cher ri
Suicide doors on the passenger side?
Do the windows roll down? do the doors lift high?
Do the car change colors when that bitch drive by?
You are the heartbreak
We'll make it feel like the first time
First time

Catching tears like raindrops here in the glass
Keep them safe in case
Radio's on and you're by my side
Feels something like summertime
Like that first slow dance and that first long kiss
There ain't nothing baby