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like she was waitin for a train or a bus
She was waitin for jim's best man, his boy gus
Gus got slick, took the girl by the hand
And dipped the step like
By jim carroll and wayne woods

My first lady,
She wears satin gloves
Since her hands got dirty
She travels here
She travels there . . .

Wait a minute...i think I like that dance better than...
What are you talkin' about, creep?

What I'm talkin' about is you've been in this killer
Swallowing a swallow
Tasting it again, it's not so unpleasant

Perhaps it's an acquired taste
The first time, it makes you sick
Then, bit by bit, it
But by the way, hmm, nice butt?
Let's go chill so I can get to know you better
Her first name was Loretta, she drove up a Baretta

We got to my
of you needing further reference
You may, purchase the Redman album, the first one
Listen to the song "How to Roll a Blunt"
But until then, you shall
The mic was passed and that's when I found out

(People from everywhere watchin the show)
(You're intrigued by the way I do my thing)
(People from
infra-red and twenty mil to split. But first we need 

a game plan that fits, ski masks, Tecs nigga wit 

unlimited clips. Bulletproof vests, no let ups,