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on New Years and the fourth of July

Here at the Holy Ghost, Big Bang theory
Pentecostal, fire and brimstone
Mission temple firework stand

He said,
want Big Mikey back
Saw my mandem blow and run the game
I thank God that I was alive for that, like

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang, bang
begin? Started with a bang
Couple of light years later, stars and planets sang
Fire warmed the cold, waves of colors flew
Moonlight into gold, earth
In the silver morning hollow
Trembling and getting old
Smelling burnt oil of heaven
About ten years, too big to hold

She don't get up when I

Big bang, bi-big bang
It's gettin' bigger by the second
Check it

OK, I'm here to rock the tugboat and bare the others farewell
I shook
As I was sitting by the fire
Eating spuds and drinking porter
Suddenly a thought came into my mind
I'd like to marry old Reilly's daughter.
Big bad Bazooka Tooth, I came to break bread.
What's a troop's recipe for treacherous times?
I tell 'em fast cars, danger, fire and knives.
You can't help but prosper
Where the streets are paved with gold
They say the oil wells ran deeper here than anybody's known
Now I packed up on my
a great big cobra
We can bang bang bang all night long
Knock your head against tha bed 'til tha inside's gone
When ya see your sister, tell her, "It's
Now he don't wear spurs that go jingle 
He don't spend his nights round a fire
He lifts diesel oil that is horses required
But he is a latter
Render unto Geedorah what is Geedorah's
Tend to when he seizure through a beaker and a tweezers
Read the fine print and be like, "What's the big
Introduce her to Cindy


VERSE (Mr. Cheeks)


Well I was sitting
By an open fire place
In my flavorite dungarees
I play a few strums
Upon my
you're buyin' is a fifth wheel
They gotcha by the ying yang
More dollar for the big bang

And when you have to have it
Somehow you always find away,
A child is born in the world tonite, underneath the full moonlight
And on the nightway a fire starts, diesel engines & broken hearts
The girls want
What was that bang
It was the next big thing
Exploding over our heads
And soon the next generation
Will emerge from behind the bike sheds
Inna mi bed tonight (Inna mi bed tonight)
I'm gonna lay down beside my big thing 
Lay down and love her till the morning, ha 
Lay down beside my fat
the pieces here on after,
We are fragile, we are human,
We are shaped by the light we let through us,
We break fast, cause we are glass.

We might be oil
ass white men steel
Cap peels, run like an oil spill
Big drills, found him in the landfill
You got 30 years but you my man still
Fuck them tears,
boys flop.
Like it or not I'm the game and 
I'm showin' up, keke got dat oil and we pourin' up,
Hit the club wit captain jack 
And big Steve
over they jobs
A man's forced to live off land
Now it's back to the caveman era
When we made fire, by two sticks rubbin together

The truth is, many
over they jobs
A man's forced to live off land
Now it's back to the caveman era
When we made fire, by two sticks rubbing together
The truth is, many
("Firing party....ready....")
Sycamore ... is open.
("! BANG")
That's how Sycamore opened.
That's how....Sycamore is.
I say this
addition the shit we wreck
Firework flow, spit and make a big effect
Bang it in the truck until ya whole shit eject, c'mon
Stop nigga, close ya shop
chirp speak
Kids that's rich that'll, run in your bitch and by the third week
Yo mark my word, me and my herb speak
That's that fire move like Schwinns
a haunted school
Agent Dale Cooper won't take you any higher
C'mon li'l boy 'n play with the fire
Surrounded by the presence of the absent teacher