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to see
If we're not looking

Don't you want to find your own way home again?
Just leave your hate behind
When will you learn to just be you?
you're not that kind
And find the strength
To find the strength
To find another way

So now your on your own
Won't you come back home
To see you're not
come back home
To see you're not that kind
And find the strength
To find the strength
To find another way

So now your on your own
Won't you come
if broken
[Incomprehensible] down and find your way

Sun and rain, wind and snow
Feel the same as you go
See you drifting on your own
Lost and lonely
Be struck by the arrow of weakness
On the gilded path to forgiveness
Find my way home when the morning comes
To stay your friend when it's all
on the way
And sometimes need
To find the way home
But we walk all alone

When you walk on your own and you ain't got crystal
The future yu sees at the end
finds someone new
What to do
Well you know

You keep her in your pocket
Where there's no way out now
Put it in the safe and lock it
Cause it's home
and you've come a long way

It's got your name on it
My shame
It's got your name on it
My home
It's got your name on it
Everything I own

You call my
to let go

There's another home somewhere
That I close my eyes to see
I will find you there
You will know it's me

By my shield and sword
By my
ICP and Esham wicked rappers delight 2015

Feinds of the wicked shit its time to get high
Bump your fuckin shit up for somthin wicked shit by
take it easy
You walk on your own
Look for the sunshine (you'll) find (your) way home

Just let the sun
Find your way home

Special these dirty
by day
You got to find your own way to throw the dice
You got to prove that you're tough, to take the smooth with the rough
There's only one way
to find my way back 
To find my way back home 

I feel the heat and what it's doing to me 
I've been pulling at my own skin 
To hide my face 
That endears it to me

If that's the price I have to pay
For doing things my own way
Then it's what I'll have to do somehow

Till I
young but you look so old
And you're too far gone to find your own way home

Life's so hard for you to handle
You can't live without your devil
find you true, pulling me back to you

To you I will run
The prodigal son
Coming back home again to you
Open your arms
And into your heart
have a friend

By your side
That helps you to find
The beauty of all
When you'll open your heart and

Believe in
The gift of a friend
The gift
So much for your moment of prayer, 
God's not at home there is no there, there.
Lost in the stars, that's what you are, 
Left here on your own
You got a playboy mommy, come home 
But when you tell them soldiers my name 
Cross that bridge all on your own 
Little girl they'll do you no harm
to your side

I’m gonna find my way
Back to your side

Like ships in the night
You keep passing me by
Just wasting time
Trying to prove who’s right
And if
home town in different ways
Carry the news, solving problems you find
Though young who knows what goes on in your mind
the long way home

One day further down the road
With full grown children of your own
If I passed by you on a busy street,
Will you remember me?
And I was just gonna go on my own
I didn't even catch your name
Take a seat, make yourself at home

We've come so far on useless space
As the night rolls by
Song of a drifter lost to the road
Tryin' to reach for the sky

Gotta get on the road
Gotta long way to go
Gotta get on home
miss you on my own 
Baby come on home 
So find it in your heart 
Hear my apology 
We've taken it this far 
Don't you want the rest