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Ooh, your tripping now
Girl quit fussing now, naw
You can't go jumping to conclusions
It's ringing, but that doesn't mean I've been cheating
things out
But it's to late by now, we're at the point of no return

This pilot will crash and burning

To the final warning
In the jaws of danger
Ben looked at his watch shook his head
We may make Atlanta but we'll all be dead
The train was flyin' by the troublin' switch
Without any warning
The end is here
The final warning
The sun disappears

As my world is dying
So far from home
Been stranded in this empty abyss
Called by the gods, and given a sign

Onward pounding into glory ride
Sign of the hammer be my guide
Final warning all stand aside
The remnants of a mountain
I'm inclined 'cause I need my needs to get by
And I've paid my turns in kind to speed my feet, away

Come back, come back, final
a shock
terroristic action brutal
sacrifice and loss

bomb threat - final warning
no statistic prediction saw it comin'
hateful dedication
deception covered with lies
Mass pollutants filling the skies
Minorities' warnings forgotten by all
Truth comes too soon and majorities fall

deception covered with lies
Mass pollutants filling the skies
Minorities' warnings forgotten by all
Truth comes too soon and majorities fall

You see my faith put to flight
Can you hear me?

Step to the edge of your final warning
Loving the filth yet afraid of the fall
One day I
future's been sold
By a profit margin generation
We're all invited to the show, oh you know

We've never seen this kind of world
It's a warning to us
Oh the cowards came by morning and attacked without a warning
Leaving flames and death and chaos in our streets
In the middle of this fiery hell
There's a man who sees all there is to see
What the future holds for all
As the days grow dark with the grim and final warning
Beware of the ones
on the rise
Baptized by fire

A warning I see in these eyes
You cannot put a price on life
Holy purge will crack the sky
Terror screaming in the dark
Standing in a stupor by the tank 
Better call the super 
As I grip the towel rack for strength 
Studied all these cracks before 
Stuff the towel
of old
If I could tame all the fleeting perceptions I hold
Would I stand in the marketplace before
To be shouted down without any warning at all, to be
of the eighties be ashes or live to their prime 
If we don't heed reasonable people and their warnings of days to come 
We'll all be incinerated Warriors
known by those who know
One drop for every broken dream
And one for every conceived plan

Our seeds sown larger
Our roots will go deeper
Our trees
Wake me up wise by morning
I want to breathe the day
This is my final warning
Keep all the clouds away

We've taken medication
So we can run
warning by noon 
Reassert that you don't care 

And there's no known preparation for this kind of a thing 
And it don't much matter what kind of game
and power lost
Man will win at any cost

Warning of Danger
We're ready for a fight
Watch for the stranger
A shadow in the night
Clip their wings
you the will to weep
For now you're at your last and final peak
Dangerously the past, it explodes about by ears
Loudly ringing through my ears

Well if you don't see me coming then I'll walk on by
Well let it be a warning that you're all gonna die
And if you think that it's coming, way all
out they'd lived lonely lives, 
Followed by a lonesome death
They sent it hoping we would learn
They blew it here with their final breath.
They made
From the plains of power
Whine the last stormy winds
For the guardian of Midgard
A final journey begins

By Odin's side
With the aesir gods