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Yeah, what up 
[the show is over] 
Welcome to the final frontier 
Soul position 
Rjd2 on the beats plus myself, blueprint, on the 
the final say
Hired in, take home all the ones who missed for souvenirs, for their kids to play

Passive resistance! it's all programmed by programmers
up we have it all
(Roll up, the magical man)
And more
(Stroll up, the magical man)


Roll up and see it all
with you-Haul, packing up, making moves to new places
(Including the Oasis!)
It's not a mirage, but a barrage of spoken ballet
Everyone is spun by
Elton John or Lionel Richie 
Call up my butler, get clothes washed by the maid 
Ivory soap; this is clean; feel like Cascade 
I count the bills, roll
Listed as a phenomenom I got an oncoming bomb
Which is perfection and flexin like I spent time in Nam
The beat is on and its nice an easy