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of, my nigga you stay up
Locked down now the town gettin' my pay up
It's Project Pat, the haters scream, "Oh no"
Hypnotize stackin' money by the boat
blowed off the planet
They don't understand it
Soldiers can't stand it
That's how I planned it
Fuck you goddamnit
My automatic
Ready for static
thang's in ya face man
It's Project Pat wit' that 12 gauge strapped ya'll
I blow yo' chest out yo' motherfucking back dawg

Pat starts
Project Pat]
All in my face
And he knowing he don't like me
Proably want to shoot me
Maybe even fight me
Suck me, paid me
Mane that's what yo' bitch do
Stomp motherfucker stomp
Motherfucker stomp

{juicy j}
Hurt nigga
I'm coming out the fucking closet
Stay the fuck up off my dick
I feel the bucking
together they all jump you
And if you don't believe me then come to my hood
And you will see that it ain't all good

[Chorus] [Project Pat] x2

red Rum! (x4)

[Project Pat]
A .44 bullet shell took my niggas life
Triggers pulled by some young niggas on that white
He used to fuck with them boys
handle, yo every fly vandal go to project
Slam you like hamill's wife 'fore the scandal
Wally sandal just a sample, my niggas fertilize thoughts
Yo mad
on a forty, what's up shorty? (girl: what's up)
Can I get that face? (boy please)
I'm out here trying to make this doped down money
Fuck you anyway (fuck you
when I had a pager
Triple Beam Dreams now Pat Riley my neighbor

Fuck boy talking outta turn nigga
In a court room spraying like a germ nigga
[Chorus x2]
Still ridin clean, makin cheese, and gettin my dick sucked
Still makin cheese, ridin clean, and gettin my dick sucked

[Project Pat]
[Chorus (2x)]
[Project Pat]
I like to kiss that weak gal moving tongue with the head
Kind that have a young nigga sprung out in the bed
Kind that make
fuckin calendar dawg.
I need ya to send me sumthin.

[Boogelou] (talkin)
I gotcha, what happened?

[Project Pat] (talkin)
Man, I was messin off wit my
get da cheese, dats by any means
If ya real, then throw ya set, let me see ya sign
Project Pat, from the southside, out here on the grind
To keep food in my tummy
Tha ghetty ghetty green
On them 20's ridin' clean
Cause paper chasin' 
Just I'm like a fiend
It's yo boy Project Pat
To keep food in my tummy
Tha ghetty ghetty green
On them 20's ridin' clean
Cause paper chasin' 
Just I'm like a fiend
It's yo boy Project Pat
the hobby mane
And lil Don is insane
This ain't no game nigga
How in the fuck you figga
You try punkin' us you'll feel the blast out my trigga
Straight out
Uhh, still out in these motherfuckin' projects
Still a nigga, ain't never gonna get the fuck up outta here
Niggaz, just don't understand the story
I spit in your face
Putting this in they credit
Man fuck them goddamn bitches
Yeah and that's not all
Your bound to fall
Put my hand on the wall
cause this tone s gonna back me

(Chorus x2)

(Project Pat)
Who tha buckest up in here Who tha buckest up in here
My nigga my hood so you cowards betta
with my young niggas
Project Pat, in the bank with them skis on triggers 
Real killers roll round here, lookin for some prey
Low key behind tinted
put'm up

(Repeat chorus 2x)

(D. J. Paul)

I kill, kill, kill
I murder, murder, murder
Hater's in my face,
Watch a nigga hurta
40, 40, cal,
I pull out my
Me and my niggas chillin waitin on this bitch
Heard a knock at the do'
Come on in ho
I know you wit that train shit, the bitch said for sho'
cause the game is sold
In and out
In and out
Your fuckin dow's


[verse 3: project pat]
(on phone) if you knowin I got rep to protect in
Between life and death, they killed my spirit
So what little life I got left, y'all can expect me to ball
I pat myself, teacher said I was a lost cause