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I want to dance with your sister.
Brass bands marchin by.
Throwing notes to the sky.

There goes...
There goes
Second-liners and flambeaus.
from Fort Lincoln that morning

And the band they played the Garryowen
Brass was shining, flags a flowin
I swear if I had only known
I'd have wished that
Feelin' free,feelin' free
Join the Pepsi people
Feelin' free,feelin' free
All across the nation
It's the Pepsi generation
Here today
from Fort Lincoln that morning

And the band they played the Garryowen
Brass was shining, flags a flowin
I swear if I had only known
I'd have wished that
slip on my heels, now I'm truly me.
Powder my nose pull on some hose, I'm feelin' free
My lipstick's on, brows penciled on I am so pretty
And even though
coming off the fix, the sleeve tricks 

Strike it up if judah sticks 
The brass band, hold hands 
Right across the new land 
Have an accent pay your
And feelin' free

Got a brand new amp
A speaker with a tear
Shock ourselves on wires
Make believe that we don't care
I call this a song
Because I say it
o'place it was

Before it got "discovered" by the kind o'
Cat that knows the earth belongs t'him
Back when the world was young
An' man was a living god
Fresh out the county, shoes with no laces
Plastic bag carryin', no two paces
iPhone, belt by Gucci
Bands with loose change and some car keys
Help me baby

Hate the way I'm feelin', pain killers in the cup
Pray to God I wanna end it, seems I don't believe in much

Nobody did nothing
Robert Willy Dennis
Free Dane and free Mall free bands
Bitch I'm at the mall it's Philthy

I got my 40 with the 30 cocked up shootin' broad day(Bang
concepts, new tools, new weapons
By analyzing the past, Sage can project into the future

I used to think that rappers had it figured out
Brass Monkey,
here and pop off real quick
Yo, I gotta get that guap by all means
You know what I'm sayin', son?

Growin' up in Brooklyn, shit
I thought that everybody
bring ointment, nigga
I'm lubricant slick, baby, I'm hornier than
The brass section of the band, you understand?
Pick your poison, it's your choice
about to throw a couple thousand

I love the way she slow dance
She make me throw more bands
Grabbing ass with both hands
She in luv with the dope man
the ladies with burgundy hair get in free!
Heh, I got live on stage
Purple Gang and B.U., let's go!

Feelin' old as ever man I came with a buzz
Two shots,
Hesta Prynn
He said, "I know that girl, are you in that band?"
I said, "I think I'm on the list, could you stamp my hand?"

He said, "Step inside girl,
overcomes the city of El Dorado
Mexican City that's paved of gold
Made sacred by the ancients in days of old
Brown pride, they got it down to a science
the picture, the frame
The beat that rumbles into the brain
Stains grim gloom carefree feelin, up a buildin cap peelin
Slash from the unwillin blastin off,