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unexpected, out of control.

There are times when a man needs to brave his reflection,
And face what he sees without fear,
It takes a man to accept his
of time
I healed my sorrow
All boundaries are illusion
When you reach the center light
And reinforce the striking power
By chance you're followed

His oldest pain 
And fear in life 
There'll not be time 
His oldest pain 
And fear in life 
There'll not be time 

A lie to say "o my
through the night.

Enemies shall scream in pain and burn by flash of fire.
By spear and axe they'll meet their fate.
Boundless age of Yggrasil, such is our
these days than the days before
People have been getting by for years, on mental toughness and the grit 

Hey we're just workers, confident and realistic,
and so evil that
Any man unfortunate enough to meet it would be lucky if he died of fear. It 
Was a GOBLIN. By it's
Side stood the man that betrayed
We'll ride tonight, if the demographic's right

Jump on the next big thing, by June she'll be full swing
Start now and you'll have time to savor, being
time for you to go now

I am a temple of the Holy Ghost
And I'm protected by the Lord of Hosts
Get out in the name of Jesus Christ
'Cause I don't
of loss and gain.
T'was not a good night's sleep they've had, awakened by battle horns in the far distance, they froze in fear!!!
As many of you fans already know the route or track of the orbits, glides, etc. 
has been increased by 5,000 million kilometers 
thus enabling
With sword in hand and our shields by our sides,
We march in hoards we will never subside.
Our DÚ Danann form has passed with time,
But still we love

Time and time again life's getting shorter
Fear in the air what appears is the border
A nigga named Stef, was shootin up meth
with some coke, had
you do when you fall in a death trap
You can't come back, back
No matter what you do when you fall

Time and time again life?s getting shorter
Fear in
pick it
Sippin' on the forty, ya know it makes me horny
Spread them legs, grab my axe
Fire up the grill and crack the kegs
Nobody fear, the party's here
the bed head 
Who is it? (Fred) Who? 
Who the fuck is Fred, I stood by the door 
By that time someone jumped in the window 
Now what the fuck was I do?
were gone. 

Darek had been struck by a battleaxe which ended his life in a very cruel way. 
When the warlord came for Kira, 
Darek came for her
know the rich go jogging 
And I'm waiting in the bushes, axe to the noggin
About thirty or forty times, 
Psychodelic sick with the psycho psycho
would be hard to crack
If you the tall tree within the small axe
Can't relax, pandemonium in hard times
We live the, ? at the faux at the finish line
Yo Prev (what's up)
I'm thinking man, we don't always have to talk about
dungeons and dragons all the time, you know?
We don't have to make things
to the punch-line, one time
Being forced into early retirement at the age of 26
Palms feel like bricks peeling from distributing crack
Crumb snatchers
rag, gag almost hack of a lung
Like you picked up an axe up and then swung
Stick to the core plan, drag to the back of a trunk
By one of your fans,
Lurking in the back like a crook in the black of the bushes
With the rats, with a axe, and the stacks of wood is
By the garage, the Mirage tracks
a blow from a axe
Sweet like sugar that be on Sugar Smacks

Facts is Mr. or Mrs.
Can't another rapper see me when it's time for gettin' biz?
And the moral
the fear in your eyes the first time that I looked,
I'ma treat y'all niggas like powdered cocaine it's time to get cooked,
I'm Michael Jordan, you
Awareness, becoming one with the longing for complete surrender to the
Higher self, which has potentially been waiting these long eons of time, 
And in fact