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search of their families
I look out of my window to a blinding bright light
Enola passes passes by
Skin is shed like that of snakes
But itís not the work
the future's just a waste of time
Don't wake up one day and half your life has passed you by
Don't die, inside you're not dead yet, you're still alive, alive

If not now, when?
If not today, then
What about tomorrow?
What happens tomorrow?

I believe
A woman can work hard,
And succeed
And we
the middle of the night was said to cause fright in a dark house lived in by a family of four.

Today is almost tomorrow, and if I think- not quite yesterday.

And try to before they can see us
They gonna need us sweet Jesus

See what started as a family forest
Got cut to a family tree with the limbs
for the truth

friends he could not find
Hate and fear was all he got
Still he is on his way

sailing on the seven seas
Searchin for my destiny
you hold
"Life is not longevity and beauty is the only goal"

I can see tomorrow
I can see the world to come
I can see tomorrow
die, please make sure,
Someone will bring me home.
If I die, tomorrow,
Someone will be all alone.

Family's children standin' by,
Mother finds it
we'll just relive our younger days and sit here by the fire
And if we both live through the night tomorrow we'll retire
Why we've seen the rainstorms
Searching for a better way as we move on
The enduring pain of yesterday
The cold fear in your eyes
What will become of me as time goes by
it's a case
Of blind leading blind
Money rules the hearts
Of men we fear
But still the people do not hear

Young men of valor
March away
to fear
Cause it's family tradition we take to the sea
And it's a time in the future for Cameron and me 


The skies over Cuba were warmed by
"You don't wanna die tonight
Take one more breath to clear your mind
Every moment's relevant
Bittersweet and delicate
Tomorrow may not come again"
This are the words of a prophet

Live for today and love for tomorrow
Is the wisdom of a fool

And when you love
You should not say
The Lord
The raids come tomorrow, dwell not on your sorrow
By nightfall we must be away"

And it's fire up the diesel and look out for swells
so clear
You laughed and pulled your knees up to your chest if I came near
God knows I've always had to fear the worst, but not that time
You brought
And you could probably find me wherever the wolves parade
I was born to be a killjoy, I'm a old brat
Conceived by Adam and Eve, so who you mad at?
their spirits are trapped
beyond the cemetery

Bodies rotting, but I'm not sleeping
Scream you're not dreaming
Someone wake me
form this
By: jimmy buffett
Every day held a new surprise
I watched the hunger burning in my sister's eyes
The paste-board shack we called a home
Blood is on your shoulders
Kill I today you cannot kill I tomorrow
Your insides must be hollow
How does it feel to take the life
of fear asking one last time
Let me get home safe
Before it's too late

One by one
The brave will fall
Life is lost again
They gave it all

of fear asking one last time
Let me get home safe
Before it's too late

One by one
The brave will fall
Life is lost again
They gave it all

That wakes me up?
I realize I have to walk this way alone
No one will stand by me

Now or never - you have to go
Tomorrow's out of reach!
the hate machine


I'm going to be strong enough
And not let my fear decide my fate
Surrounded by dream goers
I don't want any part
front of you
Mirror just broke in two
Everyone's out to get you

Imagine to feel you're on your own
Life with no family
Feel tomorrow's inferior