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I stay there like it ain't nothing to face fear
Flowers by the grave of the niggas who say where
I'm straight tear, tell them don't
to say this fear of drowning
Fear no death by water
Father walks in at the foot of the bed
Six of you want to see you safe
Just one time you'll meet
victims speak in whines
And where the hardened cried

I was sent here by a three foot half-wit in a wig
I took his insults on the chin, and never did I
mourning lord

Why should we let you by?

The road is blocked by men of three

If you need ask, you already know

They said to let him pass, to leave
This is what she said to me 
Whispered in my ear 
A man by the river is a man without fear 
One step forward, two steps back 
Keep stepping 
doesn't come on bit by bit 
It was instantly in full swing and it's bing bang boom 

Now I was foot loose and fancy free I had respect and I had dignity
on Sunday, forgotten all week

One foot in Hell

Taking the truth from "The Book" and then twisting it
Feeling they're touched by the Lord
Loving their

Swarm dorms, sting birds, fling verbs like mean curbs 

Strike three, mics flee, I infect em with green germs, ringworm 

'cause I'm filthy
I was talking to my friend Tommy, he's almost 6.3 years old. I said, "Is it just me, or has
Power Rangers gone to shit this season?" and he shook his
autobahn inertia dance 
And curb them herped love bugs by the cursed final curtain clamp
Another savior with his foot cold stuck in his mouth 
I play that
And all the way he walked on foot, and he held her by the hand
He held her by the middle of the waist, for fear that she could fall
Before they'd lie in
you're 5 foot 2
Okay, 5 one and a half
And everybody else in the whole gym class
If 5 foot 3 and even taller, it hurts

Truth is I hadn't thought about
a definite disgrace)
Disgrace (yeah)
So I have to give the public what they want
(Fear) is just a total disruption of my stunt
(You're being very blunt)
a definite disgrace)
Disgrace (yeah)
So I have to give the public what they want
(Fear) is just a total disruption of my stunt
(You're being very blunt)
damn near six foot three?
That would be me!
Who got lyrics, jewels and plenty money?
That would be me!
Start drama and see the illest papi, yo' what
with my nigga's drugs
Upon the second floor was faced with three doors, chose the first
A ninja master showing his thirst for my life
But little did he
sense of security got shot to hell
I was sitting on my couch face drowning in tears
Feeling trapped by the wall in my fears
Made aware of my fragility
microphone check, who's next?
The five foot three, time to catch wreck
Set the situation motivate your mind
I'ma, step ahead and not a step behind
Bass now
spare not the hammer
I spare not the sword
This day will ring with my name
None have to chase me
Let he who will face me
Kill me or die by the sword
vagabond wondering menstrual forms of phobia
Worst fear the terrace stricken muted
The roots of all evil I've rooted pinnacle
Poised with pride pouncing
(Your rent's overdue by about 3 months) 
Look, peanut. You've been calling me, hounding me about the rent now for weeks man 
Don't ya know I
to the medal, foot to the floor
Three hundred fifty horses rolling
On the run cause I just kicked in the door
Hit a lick, the whip reported stolen
Tell me who
Three hundred and sixty behind my back
I take your monkey ass to the rack like Jerry Stack

I'm saw by most recruiters and heavily recommended
stepped foot on the New World
And witnessed beauty unspoiled
All the delights given by God
As if an Eden itself, as if Eden had opened her heart to him
wit' us, I'll put a foot up yo ass

Collect calls from the pen so I catch it in the kitchen
The homie say, send him naked pictures of bitches
And if