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David Foster lives in Gloucester with his family
Works 'til pay-time, through the day-time, then comes home for tea
Steak and kidney, then with
Sun is setting, silence is all you hear

David, getting really sick he is sweating like a pig
The fevers got him now and Sarah's father dear
TV, my antennae was a close hanger
Blurry vision, Mister McGee Hunn, David Banner
Flip the data, the kids was wearin bandanas
Totin hammers aimin
to Face cause that's my father
Ain't talking to Bun cause that's my uncle
Ain't talking to Kast cause them ma partners
Ain't talking to Jigga cause
the plan
Setup perfect why flop us
My man
It be me and you
Oh yeah 
Down by the river
Oh yeah 
Without guns and triggers
Wu man
Sunz plan is perfect from

(David Banner) 
I can't blame it on my mama, nigga I knew she was broke 
No education so she spent the last check on some dope 
Hovers to John's