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I'm hoping that you fast enough
Even the legs of Michael Johnson don't mean nothin' because

Them Compton crip niggas aint nothing to fuck with
rowdy by sayin na na na na na
I'm a cash deala'
A No Limit ass kicka'
I'm a bad nigga
Fast nigga
Ain't the last nigga
Keep my mind on my money
to blast
Full metal to the pedal when we Organize on that ass
I last, amongst the mass, gettin the cash
But in the stash fast before the stock market crash
full grown
Not a shufflin' jigaboo I'm hard like stone
I drink out the jug I eat out the pot
I learn and I earn and I love what I got
My mama ain't
at the crib, Momma wasn’t havin’ that
When five-o left the crib, she said “Nigga pack ya bags
“And your packs and your racks”
And I packed them fast, Michael