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No escaping
No spell is over me
Fantasy's fact you see in my life

Time and motion
Seem to have made a stop
And if the whole world passes by
I've been down, I've found the gun
I start to fight agains...
Stad by my side, one thing in mind
We gotta find IQ CYCO
Place in city, my brand new
of your I.Q. of 37
Your lack of brains just drives me crazy
It's the only way to get by and be lazy
You, you're the one
It's written all over your face
explains our enduring fascination with vampires?

And what dark and hidden parts of our psyche are aroused and captivated
By the legends of the undead, by
Sitting in a fun pub
Nothing every gets done
Then someone opened the door
Lying in the corner

Just by the window
Til some one opened the door
your IQ to rise up your belief
But do not come to me and glorify your victory
Evil in people does not cease with your relief!

Healed by jesus after
right by
And that all goes out the window
And your IQ starts to dwindle
At the mention of her name
Then she winks and smiles
And your heart starts
Strange things take place in my moondreams

as the lonely and loveless hours go by
Your face takes its place in every moonbeam

moondreams bring
the shadow of a day
That stands alone and crying young
Singing fascination
For the twist in anxious days
That stand alone and crying young
See out

You know the yolk it's spreading from
You laugh as people scatter 'bout
Surrounded by a veil of stars
You realize your life is dark
Woman made of paper, understand me now
This time they got you by the ears
You might be nothin' or just a footprint
They've been watchin' you for
IQ - Zero Hour

Yesterday is up for auction
Souvenirs are in demand
In the rooms where rocking horses
Carried us on moonlit strands
Thunder crash
the glow of a '61 vintage
Just as the day is dimming
With every intention of surrendering
To fifty-foot women
Who put the fascination back into my
an on time train
This frenetic fascination's
Really driving me insane
Anybody feel that?
Anybody feel that?
Anybody feel that?

What God meant by woman
You're a nervous wreck
Your I.Q. plummets fourteen points
Her thunder thong around your neck

The song ain't dirty
It's really just the way we sing it
I just want some problem into solution ?
This incurable fascination would be totally beaten up
I just want someone to slap me right in the mouth
You know the yolk it's spreading from 
You laugh as people scatter 'bout 
Surrounded by a veil of stars 
You realize your life is dark
fantasy set free
Summer rising by the sea
Wonders and astonishments for your delectation
Phantoms and automatons for your fascination

Marvels undreamt
(every time she passes by)
I hang on every word she says
(every time she passes by)

This ain't infatuation
Mere idle fascination
My love
lovely, imagine
Wants to know me better, imagine
When he smiles, my poor heart has wings

It must be more than fascination
This is a pure intoxication
stupid so stupid that stupid!
All those doctors stare away
They hope for an invinsable
But in the end they should of known
Your iq test should have shown
So strange is the feeling 
Sinking down below 
Caught in the current 
By the undertow 
Silence now is falling 
so quiet is the rage 
at all
'Cause by the time I got free
Love caught up to me

Baby, I used to have ways
To avoid anyplace
That even had half the chance
To cut in on my dance
Just because you're high
Just because you smile
Think that you're the one
Brighter than the sun
You don't need to world to get by
So you're
The dry air holds a distinct fascination
For those who are unfamiliar
For those who are unfamiliar
With any other way of living

And I can see by