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Ooh, farewell my summer love, farewell
Girl I won't forget you
Farewell, my summer love, farewell, ooh

I found my happiest days
When you came
Every night I sit here by my window (window)
Starin' at the lonely avenue (avenue)
Watching lovers holdin' hand an' laughin' (Hahaha)
And thinkin'
If, if I could see
Just how lonely my life would be
If you passed me by and said farewell
And there is no return

Stars would shine no more
surrounded by shadows
Each one battling for control
You fed upon their dark promises
They fed upon your soul
And you loved them like you'd love a lover
your worth.
You're a picture of love.
I know to you I'm just a love sick guy.
But you're wrong.
I love ya and I need you, by my side.
So, I'm gonna
bloody and loud
With the words of farewell from a garrison valiant and proud
"Grieve not little darling, my dying, if Texas is sovereign and free
as died

Farewell welfare, farewell welfare

Don't darken my door with your light,
Long winded lies of a short mended life
I die by design on a dime.
to turn to drugs
There's only one solution
Causing all the problem
We talking universal love

We can do it
If we try
Let war and hatred
Pass us by

through the floor
Memory recalls visions of lust
All my dreams attended, and then farewell, my love
The train is gone, deep fog remains

Under the sun,
by his side
She mourned a bitter tear
Though as he pressed her to his side
He whispered in her ear

Farewell, my own true love
This parting gives
Proudly swept the rain cloud by the cliffs, 
As on it glided through the trees 
Still following ever the "liko" 
The "Ahihi lehua" of the vale
Don`t pity me for she`ll not stay, 
She scorned my heart and fades away, 
Farewell my love for all weve done, 
By the setting of the sun. 

could trust you 
But I find that you untrue 

Lately, lately I find that I'm all by myself 
Thinking you love me, when it's someone else 
Hats off,
to go
Let me come and ride by your side
My love, my only one
My love, my only one

Heartbreaking melody, enveloped in tragedy
Tears are falling, my
so well
I'm going back to old Kentucky
Never more to say farewell

Linda Lou you know I love you
I long for you each night and day
When the roses
the sun and the tempered wind and the air like wine
And you drink and you drink till you're drunk on the joy of living 

Farewell to you, my love, my
my love a letter
That she'd understand

And write it by the river
Where the waters overflow
But I dream of pretty Saro
Wherever I go

the mountain breaks the day too soon
In Thy dark eyes' splendor where the warm light loves to dwell
Weary looks yet tender speak Thy fond farewell

something calling me dear
and by morning, I'm sure to be gone
For I'm older than you and you know so well
That our time for to love was a song
So goodbye,
And at night there's always a meal and a show
And then we go to the point where we say
Farewell to remember
When I go my love stays
With the children
loved so well
I'm going back to old Kentucky
Never more to say farewell


Linda Lou you know I love you
I long for you each night and day
By David Allan Coe

Dedicated to lovers everywhere. May you always find something in my music to believe in and hold you together.

Well I watch the moon there up above I'll leave this earth behind
And I'll call to you as I go sailing by

Goodbye my Boston beauty farewell my Boston

My leading lady is gone
And it's so hard to go on
Without the part she played
My life's