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[Verse 1: Propaganda]
Slang came from a land where they suffer from the effects of depravity like gang bangin' and earthquakes.
Most famous no
for your era it's
My time to shine and I'm still payin dues
And I'ma be famous on either rap or the news, motherfucker
I only tell you nothin but
orangatangin, wilding out on hoodrats
They say I act like I'm too famous to say hi
And tell 'em what my name is but really I'm still nameless,
You niggas don't
I got one lit and she say she with it
I grab the dutch and I split it
Legs open, nigga I hit it
Damn right, the bitch won't forget it
Wake up in
I make broke look good
More time I supply just tryna get by
You should never ask me why I smoke till my lips split
They always send me to try to stop