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(Sample - "The Man Who Couldn't Cry" by "Loudon Wainwright III")
He cried, he cried, an' he cried, and he cried
Rained 40 nights
Played lots of chess
Or a man of wealth and fame?
Or is he one of our sailor lads
Come tell me now his name.

He is no Lord nor Duke nor knight
Nor a man of wealth or fame
backpack trying to get chose 
By another nigga with talent wealth and fame 
Oh I suppose I guess I got myself to blame for turning 
Her out into a hip hop
Charles Gibbs
Words and Music Chris Foster 
Copyright May 3rd 2003

Terror on the high seas wrought by Charles Gibbs
Brandishing his sword in pirate
I serve, 
I don't be on no curb
She ain't no junkie neither
I ain't no dope dealer
But she keep coming back 
Three stacks must be some crack
you get 
a X by your name. 

3rd Verse: 
Now, what makes you think that you can play some 
real playa's play, nights on the phone with
don't need it) (No)
I rock

Legendary to the maximum
NPG for now and forever

Welcome to mendacity, sign your name
See the world so pretty, wealth
I'd prolly be a reject
I came up by my lonely now I'm a product of that D-Set
Two twelvin' with my homie, he caught a homy of that d-wreck
He said it
you been searchin for God inside The Koran
That's cool man, I been prayed up myself
I pray for my health and stress way less for wealth now
I'm still
the ground)
  Just be good to your self 'cause you know that your always...

Everybody wants the wealth and fame
But nobody wants to hustle
a little wealth, a little fame
But your mind-frame will keep you living the same
And it's a shame that niggas would settle with the ghetto
Huh, hoes have
your only prize 
So look into the situation 
Put aside your fame and wealth 
And you might find somethin' you can cherish more than life itself 

feelin' myself
And with the number one single, I'm feelin' my wealth
Yeah, Now what you know about me
Call me Mr. '08, 'cause this year about me
And quit the modesty
Of course
I know your name man
Heard 'bout your fame clan
And all about your game plans
I'm not your typical prey
A different dame brand