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Coming down so hard
(Coming down so hard)
Falling at my feet
(Falling just like)
Spring Rain

Coming down like love
(Coming down like love)
the storm to break. 
Someone is lost outside, 
Through the rain we hear them cry. 
Deafened by the sound 
Of the apples falling down. 
They were rotting
feet smaller
I know it doesn't pay to be this hurt
Falling off the morning getting worse
put me down, for five thousand days

Falling, falling, falling over you
Calling, calling, I don't know what to do
Falling, falling, falling over you
Every life that has no end
Every knee not ready to bend
Is falling, falling at your feet
Have come crawling, falling at your feet

All fall down, all
the difference between the two
Oh don't lose your feet
Don't let it mess up your sleep
You never choose

There is a place down by the river
When I feel I'm caving
And sank in the burrows of my keep

All my armor falling down, 
In a pile at my feet
And my winter giving way to warm
As I'm singing
pocket, I ran down, down by the mountain side
Battlin' the fiery horde that was falling around the feet

"Never!," he cried, "Never shall ye get me alive
When I stretch to the clouds
My feet are bigger than three lagoons
And I can roll like a magnificent beach ball,
Striving high!

Uh! Uh! Uh!
Someone's falling down tonight
While facing front you stand and scream for more
The room jumps hot and chucked aside
The empty cans teeter across
what I'm gonna do
To fill in these holes left by you
Left by you

There's two through my hands and one through my feet
From this cross that I bear until
turn up the music and there in the room

And she yells

"Dance me! Dance me around till my feet don't ever touch down
There's nothin' better than
Distant bells, new mown grass 
Smells so sweet 
By the river holding hands 
Roll me up and lay me down 
And if you sit don't make a sound 
Pick your
tamed by duty
They're all falling at your feet

Every foot in every face
Every cop's stop who finds the grace
Every prisioner in the maze
Every hand that
days to get it on, three days to get it off and three more days to die,
And I'm six feet down and I'm asking the good Lord up in heaven

A honey skinned girl, she's light on her feet
Twirling on Apollo but she's going down there for something to eat
On the corner, we see him coming
When the sun goes down and the tide rolls out
And the people gather 'round and they all begin to shout
"Hey! Hey! Uncle Dud
It's a treat
Thank God for a love that followed the angel's remedy 

Louisiana rain is falling just like tears 
Running down my face, washing out the years
months later plans were made to wed
Down by the King James river

Know the season may come
Know the season may go
When love is joined together
showing, climbing, falling, sucking,
Breathing, eyeing, loosing, missing,
You make me feel

Happy, clumsy, angry, rash, cripple, silly, little
new shoes

Oh problems seem much smaller
When you're four inches taller
You can rise about them low-down blues
The higher the heel, the better I feel
on her knees 
Got my ears upon her knees 
Got my tears up in her trees 
Slowly falling down 

Looming on the rise 
Got my human on the rise 
Meet my
the clouds
Even though you got there
What does your conscience tell you now?

It's never the same on the way down
How does it feel when your feet
the clouds
Even though you got there
What does your conscience tell you now?

It's never the same on the way down
How does it feel when your feet
I was dancing in heaven, you were keeping time
Then I read your letter, sent shivers down my spine
Said our love was over, I was not the one
If it