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in my shoes, but they feet too small
They only yell so I turn to, just to see me fall
The new code in the streets, that's used by the phony
If you
life by the A.K. 
Everyday niggas at war niggas dyin' 
That's yo ass if you don't have it on yo waste line 
Kickin' N.O.playin' by no rules realah
they killas
But don't hang with no killas
This is Antioch, the A-N-T-I-O-see-H
And I'm the one who brought the Yoc  
Up out the Golden State
You want
live by, ways I kiss by
We all murderers in the eyes of all ours
So when I pull a bubble up and back in your car
When I spit sixteen's you gonna wish
paper I chase,
Taper fade by that bad boy shop,
Tippin' slow I'm screwed up and chopped,
Listening to some of that bobby merl, them choppaholics, maybe
Niggas steady getting chopped
Losin' they life behind stupid shit
Ain't that a bitch
Niggas, gettin' they wig split
And it's a shame
Killin' has
just a phase, and you know damn well
That you'll fall off in a minute, cause that shit don't sell
Funny how you think you could surpass me, or outlast me