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[Instrumental (Acoustic Guitar)]

What blew her like a leaf this way
Up in the air and down to earth
First she flusters then she frays
the golden mean
By these acts of cruelty in the name of beauty to be free

The acoustic funeral for love in limbo
We're dancing with tags on our
lights out on the bayou
Beautiful trip, think we'll sip some of my Bordeaux
Two more miles going wild to play my acoustic
See them stand to clap their
As all the clouds fall away
Then fast asleep in your arms
Wake up wonder where we are
Try to freeze frame the day
Then the light starts to fade
I will
to this by now 
I'd handled all the bull but not the cow. 

Behind her velvet sofa 
I found myself back sober, 
She kept an old acoustic 
She never ever
, black and blue
She's not the one coming back for you
She's not the one coming back for you 

If I fall back down 
You're gonna help me back up again
the hip-hop's pumping through the blood in my veins 
Like a junkie, fucking with 'ron and cocaine 
Slay you both down, better hold down or get clowned 
Moving down the fuselage
Toward the open door
Catch you looking down outside
To see what lies ahead

One by one
You watch them fall
And ask him what to do
He referred me to his doctor
Who referred me back to you
And when you checked the manual
You kept inside the case
It said 'put
you back again
Moon by moon and inch by inch
Tie the bow at the end
Safe as one, we're safe in love

Time will bring you back around
Never doubt,
Moving down the fuselage
Toward the open door
Catch you looking down outside
To see what lies ahead

One by one
You watch them fall
the distance. 
And another one will fall down.

The sun in the open sky. 
Fall down, fall down
Stare back into my own eyes. 
Fall down, fall down
black and yellow pools of light 
Fall by my window 
Luna come to me tonight 
I am a prisoner 
Luna glide down from the moon
it falls
Watching the light fade from your eyes
As we starts to numb
It?s everyday things
Time stands still
There?s blood on my fingertips
Do you feel
Sing away the blues put the light back in your eyes
Yes on a night like this it's good to be alive
Just to feel alive.

Night and day, night and day
down again, again, again and again

I'm standing back against the wall
Dare I to move I got to fall
My heart is blinded by the light
I close my eyes
rest in peace
I'll turn off the light and
Swallow your last breath
So close your eyes, fall asleep
I'll never hurt you

I can't bring you back but
Drums: Liam Genockey
Bass Guitar: Pete Zorn
Keyboards: Ian Lynn
Woodblocks: Frank Ricotti
Acoustic Guitar: Gerry Rafferty
Clarinets/Strings Arranged By

I've been searching high and low 
Up and down and carrying my heavy load 
High and low and up and down and all around 
Been trying to find
longer shines
When your dream world falls around you
And you sit by yourself and pine
When you're tired of breaking other hearts
Won't you come back
cutting you down

The snow was falling on his shoulders by the side of the road
And he watched as the lights came on below
And the children were
We sail through endless skies
Stars shine like eyes
The black night sighs
The moon in silver trees
Falls down in tears
Light of the night
No Girls Allowed
She wanted to knock but she was too proud
So she went back home and practiced in her room
In front of the mirror by the light
drown us in light
Let the clouds roll in
Let them open their mouths like a wail,
Let it rain for days
We need that rain

And if you fall down
Fall down I
by one
Turn the coin, sound the fife and the drum
Break it down until kingdom comes back here

There?s a rise, there?s a fall
Where the light hits