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(Chump!) Bump you over like dominoes, rat
(E-Roc: So free Geronimo Gi Jaga Pratt!)
Lyrics hear it fear it can't get near it
Got a sample didn't clear it
ain't a thing I never had
Sweets seek so neat gotta move your feet (whip, Whip)
Everytime I play the beat, ladies get up out they seat (Whip, Whip
And those diesel rigs
Aw they're ramblin' by
Now if I go lame I just flag a ride
I'm lookin' out for 
For a street corner girl
I'm lookin' out
gots to do some shit, to leave yo' kids lonely 

The level of my life should be higher 

Told E-Roc to jump in, and get up out the line of fire
the black steel 
And my friends make suggestions... 
That I should squeal to the cops but that's out of the question 
If I die by the trigger of a misled
On the floor, ladies shake that ass
Shake that, shake that ass, work it, twerk it, drop it fast
Fellas, whip your dick out, whip, whip your dick out
Indiana Jones

On the floor, ladies shake that ass
Shake that, shake that ass, work it, twerk it, drop it fast
Fellas, whip your dick outwhip, whip your
up by the hands

Hey baby make me wet
I'll tie you to your bed
I'll whip your body, make you sweat
I'll whip your body, make you sweat
I'll whip
When you're too busy getting mine

Now who is this murderous criminal
Coming through
If you think it's E-Roc the subliminals
Is working on you
working to whip the devil
I’m trying to get sanctified

Don't go to church
Yes, I'm going
Why you read that old Bible?
'Cause I like it
Well, I
though we ain't got hats or badges
We're a union just by sayin' so
And the world will know

What's it gonna take to stop the wagons?
Are we ready?
Feather by feather
Love the way they whip away
On the wind

It's Ali vs. Clay
Both pummeling away
A champ always fights themself

And you
raise up out tha hood
I think you should, no is all I'm gonna say
To get that '411' you better go ask Mary J
Eroc do not play when there's pigs in
Man listen, being humble ain't gon' get you out your grave
You should treat your life the same way you 
Thinking like and go and whip it like a slave
"you love it, you love it,
Just gaze up at me as you kneel"

When she went for the whip fellas
A chill went down my spine
Such an innocent face
bang bang knocking at my door
I looked up it was my motherfucking landlord, let him in quick
Followed by the sheriff deputy trying to come in
Every po
whip, pray
Break, neck, jump, back, kiss, break

Let it out, blow it out, spit it out
Get it out, beat
Let it out, blow it out, spit it out
Get it
me pull it right out!
Let me pull it right out!
Let me whip it right out!

Hi and howdy doody.
I'm a union man
You can call me Rudy.
Any of you
Hard to follow my dreams workin' this 9 to 5
People keep tellin' me my check is on the way
So sun up to sundown I'm grindin', tryin' to make it by
hear the waves
Calling us out with tide
To sail into our fate

Oden! Guide our ships
Our axes, spears and swords
Guide us through storms that whip
Da Whip

-Andre Nickatina
Sittin on leather that's all
Better than the cow that it came from
I like to go fast I like to blow hash
You like a women
bad, bad, bad

What you get
Is what you see
It's a trickledown theory
And it's coming to me
Life's a whip-round
And I've got the whip
and the committee of pigs
that suck on the breast of a pregnant pen and then shit out promises.
I'm chastened by a spiteful and unrelenting "gift" 
like a horse
Police drive by, I hold my breath
I've got 10 warrants for my arrest
They stop at the light and whip it around
Ten minutes later I'm headed
now it's CB

What, uh, come on
It's Friday, weekday, leavin' work early
Hop in the whip with the flip, get my girl
It's hair shop, facial, nails